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About – The Tool Report Writing Team

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Hi, and welcome to The Tool Report.

This project started out as a way to review tools we used around the house. Over the years we have morphed into a resource for more than just power tools.

Yes, we still cover tools, but we also cover products and topics that many homeowners AND parents must use on a daily basis. This includes software to help keep tabs on our kids, lawn equipment, sewing machines, welding equipment, and whole lot more.

As we find the need for certain products we like to give them a try and share our thoughts. Below you can find out a little bit more about what we’re all about at The Tool Report, and a little bit about our editorial team.

What We’re About

These sorts of tools are expensive and there are lots of options.  We sort through all the information and test only the best names and brands.  Once we’ve tested them, we publish our thoughts so that you can see what makes the most sense for your particular needs.

Investing in good tools isn’t cheap, but when you want quality and durability, it’s worth the extra money to get a part that you know you’ll be able to rely on for years to come.

While our website started out as a place to discuss tools, it has grown to include other products that we’ve found useful in our home and with our family.  This includes sewing machines, quilting machines, software, and a handful of other odds and ends.

Our Writing Team

Jason Thompson – Tools & Tech

With over 25 years in the information and internet security industry I am passionate about smartphones, gadgets, and technology. I’ve also got a solid background in programming and software.  This includes python, C++, app development and more.

Most of his recent career has been devoted to programming in smartphone apps for both iOS and Android devices. This knowledge makes him an expert on phone security features as well as methods of enhancing the security of a phone. He has tackled many of our more challenging tech related articles.

As our children have grown, and now have cell phones, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to fairly manage their time online.  As such I’ve tested a great many software packages designed to handle these tasks.  You’ll find all of these reviews in our software section.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please email me at [email protected]. You can also find me on Linkedin.

My Articles on TheToolReport.com include:

Our Smartphone Spy App Comparison
Our List of the Best Android Spy Apps
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The Best Parental Control Apps for Kids & Teenagers
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Review of the mSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App
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My Review of FlexiSPY Extreme

Karl Junger – Tools & DIY

Karl is the newest member of the Tool Report editorial team. Karl has been an invaluable resource for testing and reviewing products such as plasma cutters, welding equipment, generators, and more.

His skillsets include welding, landscaping, small motor repair, DIY projects, and he spent several years as a general contractor building and remodeling homes.

In addition to DIY products, he is PASSIONATE about Red Dead Redemption 2 and devotes “several” hours per week to this pastime.

His Articles on The Tool Report Include:

The Best Plasma Cutters
The Best Portable Plasma Cutters
The Best TIG Welding Equipment
The Best Electric Lawn Mowers

Natalie Thompson – Seamstress & Sewing

Natalie Thompson is a professional seamstress with successful ETSY shop.  She handles all of our content on sewing.

Over the years of owning her sewing business she has bought and used quite a few sewing machines, sergers, and quilting machines.

It seemed only natural that she provide insight for others interested buying one of these pieces of equipment for themselves.

Her reviews offer firsthand knowledge and advice for anyone from a beginner to an advanced seamstress.  If you have any questions regarding our sewing machine reviews feel free to contact Natalie directly via email at [email protected]

We hope you’ll come back often to check out our site.  We’ll be highlighting new equipment all of the time.
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