What Is Spymaster Pro?

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Parental control apps are essential for parents who have underage children. Nowadays, everything can be done online. Children are required to have internet access to do their homework, research, and pursue their interests and passions. On the downside, the internet could be dangerous for underage children as it’s full of online bullies and predators, some content is not suitable for children as it might contain violence, porn, or even scams.

Parental control apps are designed so that parents can monitor their children’s online activities, and for employers to monitor their employees’ activities on their work devices as well. These applications do not require physical access to the target devices.

You can remotely monitor and control your employees’ or children’s internet activities. Spy applications offer features to block or restrict access to certain websites, allow and block applications access, and monitor the overall use of the internet. Why is uMobix the best Android spy app? You can check that out in another post, but Spymaster Pro is a solid choice on most OS, including Android.

What Is the Spymaster Pro App?

Spymaster Pro is one of the best monitor apps out there, allowing parents and employers to remotely control and monitor the target’s online behavior. This app offers users 100% security. Spymaster is compatible with iOS and Android. This app offers users top-notch features that allow them to control and monitor the target device’s internet use reliably and simply.

How Does Spymaster Pro Work?

Spymaster works by remotely monitoring your child or employee’s device by collecting data about their internet use and activities, then sends the collected data to the parent’s control panel which they can access remotely. The application’s owner can go through the collected data which includes iMessage, SMS, call logs, instant messages, and emails. Although, one of the things that make this application different from other parental control apps is the fact that it doesn’t require jailbreak or installation to track someone’s phone.

What Features Do I Get with Spymaster Pro?

This application offers plenty of features that help employers and parents monitor their children and employees remotely and discreetly. The app offers users features such as:

Phone Call Tracker

This feature is essential when you are raising a child as it helps parents know who their children talk to and for how long. Users can check the outgoing and incoming calls, view the numbers, and check the time of the call as well as the duration.

SMS Monitor

This feature is quite important when it comes to monitoring a child’s phone as most teens prefer to text instead of talking on the phone. SpyMaster allows you to check the incoming and outgoing texts.

Location Tracker

This is one of the most important features while raising a teen. It allows parents to view their child’s location in real-time as well as the previous locations their children have visited.

Media Monitor

This feature allows parents to open and check the media files such as photos and videos on their children’s phones.

Browsing Monitor

As an employer, you can use this feature to know what websites your employees visit within their working hours. It also helps parents find out what URLs are being opened by their children, they can accordingly find out their interests and what they want to learn more about.

Social Media Apps Monitor

Spymaster Pro allows parents to open and monitor their children’s social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp. Parents can also check the exact time and date of the texts sent as well as the photos exchanged in the apps.

Phonebook Monitor

This feature is very important to parents, as it helps them know who their children speak to and what contacts they have saved on their devices. This feature allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s acquaintances and to keep them safe if anyone seems suspicious.

What Makes This App So Great?

This application offers users 24/7 customer support, which allows users who are not very tech-savvy to get all the support and explanation they need to use the application. Spymaster requires no installation or jailbreaking to monitor a device. It also does not require rooting to monitor Androids, allowing users to monitor their target devices from the comfort of their home or office. Moreover, this application is quite affordable, no need to get out of the budget to use it.

“Spymaster Pro” Pros and Cons

The app offers plenty of features that could be of great use to parents and employers, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of the app? Here is a list of the pros and cons of Spymaster Pro:


  • Affordable compared to other parental control apps
  • No jailbreaking required for iPhones
  • No rooting required for Androids
  • Simple installation steps that take no longer than five minutes
  • 24/7 customer support


  • The Spymaster software is not available for Blackberry Phones.

Is Spymaster Pro Safe to Use?

Spymaster was developed with the highest technologies to ensure the privacy and security of the target device’s data. The founding company has invested plenty of time and money to make sure the app is impeccable when it comes to security. The data collected from the target phone and the data sent to the application’s owner are encrypted to the highest level making it almost impossible even for their own technical team to access. So in conclusion, this application is very safe!

How Much Does Spymaster Pro Cost?

According to their official website, Spymaster Pro costs $7.99 per month.

What Devices Does Spymaster Pro Support?

Spymaster is compatible with Android and iOS. The application is also available for the latest versions of iOS 13.0 and Android 10. You only need to choose the subscription that matches the target device’s operating system.

Final Verdict

This application is quite impressive, and could even be one of the best monitoring apps available. You can safely and effectively monitor the target device’s activities to ensure your children’s safety and to monitor your employees’ online activities on their work computers.

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