WebWatcher Review: Monitor Phone Activity, Photos, And More

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For better or worse kids are starting to use the internet at younger and younger ages.

It’s where children learn about their interests and where they pursue their passion. It’s also the place where they communicate with their friends using social media platforms.

As much as the internet offers people everything they could possibly need, it could also be the breeding environment for online predators, bullies, hackers, and scammers.

As a parent, you are often torn between giving your children internet privileges so they can search for what they need and enjoy playing video games and protecting them from harmful and dangerous content.

Parental control software tools were made to offer parents some peace of mind.

By using parental controls, they can allow their children screen time while protecting them from any harmful or unsuitable content for their age.

In this article, we will look into one of the most popular parental control apps out there, let’s look into what parental controls this application offers us.

What Is WebWatcher?

WebWatcher is one of the best monitoring apps out there. The app is very easy to install and use. The process takes about five minutes of your time. It can work on any type of computer and it has mobile versions for both iOS and Android.

The app works discretely and quietly, it does not get in the way of other applications your child is using and does not slow down the device it runs on either. One of its great features is that users cannot tamper, remove, or install the app once it’s been installed.

How Does WebWatcher Work?

WebWatcher allows parents to monitor their children’s smartphone activities such as text messages, call logs, browser history, GPS location, and Photos. Additionally, it monitors their social media activities such as Tinder, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

This app monitors the target device’s online activities, records them, and then sends the collected data to the parent’s online control panel which they can access with their own credentials.

Parents can monitor all of these activities through their control panel. This app will be of great help for you if you are an employer looking to monitor your employees’ online activities at work, or a parent concerned for their child’s wellbeing, or even if you are an individual looking to monitor your own device if you are worried someone else could be using it.

What Features Does WebWatcher Offer?

In the past few years, this app has become the most popular among parents and employers as it’s the perfect monitoring tool, it offers plenty of features such as:

SMS Monitor

This amazing app offers not only online activity monitoring, but also the device’s incoming and outgoing SMS, keeping your children safe and your employees focused on work.

Photo Recording

WebWatcher allows parents to keep an eye on every picture taken or saved on their children’s devices.

Web Browser Monitor

In the past, it was almost impossible to keep track of anyone’s online browsing history, but with WebWatcher, you can now access every website visited by the target device to keep an eye on what kind of content your children see.

Call Log Monitor

WebWatcher enables parents to track every incoming and outgoing call from their children’s devices, it also shows you the number dialed and the call duration.

Social Media Monitor

As much as social media is helpful to connect us to our loved ones, it could be the main source of unwanted content. With this feature, you can access apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, and Tinder, allowing parents to know what kind of content is sent or seen by their children.

App Monitoring

If you do not know what applications your children use, this feature will allow you to see the list of apps your children have installed on their devices.


Most parents these days get really worried if they are not informed of where their children are, and that worry gets even worse if they do not answer your calls or reply to your texts, which makes this feature essential to parents and employers as well.

You can easily access your control panel to see where exactly your child is, and it only takes about a minute to fetch their location.

Free Trial

WebWatcher allows users to try their services for free for a week. You can afterward choose to commit to the app or find a different one that suits your needs more.

WebWatcher Pros and Cons


  • Compatible with almost any device and any operating system
  • Remote access to monitor the content from anywhere
  • Instant alerts
  • No jailbreaking required
  • Can’t be tampered with or deleted


  • You will need to disable security features and antiviruses
  • Premium subscription is very expensive
  • The target phone might lag a little after installation
  • A bit tricky to install on the target device
  • Harder to use compared to other parental control apps

Webwatcher FAQs

What Makes WebWatcher Different From Other Spy Apps?

As this application offers you plenty of features to help you keep track of your employees and your loved ones, it also offers users optimal compatibility, as it works with almost any Android phone or tablet, iPad, Mac systems, iPhones, Windows computers, and laptops.

No need to jailbreak to install this application. Jailbreaking can damage devices and make the apps on the phone work slower, which makes WebWatcher perfect for any device as it keeps them safe from the risks of jailbreaking.

How Much Does WebWatcher Cost Monthly?

WebWatcher offers two plans, either $59.95 for three months or $129.95 for 12 months. Both of those pricing plans offer the users perfect compatibility, advanced and standard features, and unlimited storage space for the data collected from the target device.

Is WebWatcher Undetectable?

The application is advertised by the company as an “undetectable software” that can be used as parental control or can be used by employers to monitor their employees’ online activities while working.

How Long Does it Take to Install WebWatcher?

The process takes no longer than five minutes to find and install the app onto a computer as long as it operates on Windows 7 or a newer version.

Can I Use WebWatcher on Multiple Devices?

Even though the app is available for iPhones, Androids, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows, the subscription is only limited to one device. So in case you have more than one device you would like to monitor, you would need multiple subscriptions.

Does WebWatcher Have Tools to Prevent Screen Time Addiction?

Unfortunately no, WebWatcher is purely a monitoring tool, it cannot place screen time restrictions to avoid the overuse of a device.

Webwatcher vs PhoneSheriff

While Webwatcher is a great solution for parents who need to keep track of their online activities, my favorite for Android phones is PhoneSheriff.

Final Verdict

If you are a concerned parent looking to keep your children safe from the online dangers of scammers and bullies, this is the best application you can find for that matter.

However, if you are looking to take control over your child’s phone and be able to change things such as install and uninstall apps, restrict the screen time, or delete and add contacts on the phonebook, you might want to consider looking into different options.

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