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Vulnerabilite.com is now a part of The Tool Report!

We are proud to announce that Vulnerabilite.com is now part of The Tool Report. This relationship allows us to incorporate Vulnerabilite’s expertise in spyware and cybersecurity.

Smartphone Monitoring Solutions

While there are dozens of cell phone monitoring solutions for parents on the market, many of these are used to gather data from the monitored device. We help consumers identify apps that secretly capture user data.

Android Monitoring Solutions

Android is the most popular phone operating system in the world. Android smartphone monitoring apps allow parents to track their children’s online activities. This includes social media usage, screen time, phone calls, text messaging, and more.

Android monitoring solutions are capable of monitoring nearly all social media apps because they are installed directly on the phone. This gives parents unique insight into who their children interact with online.

iOS Monitoring Solutions

Apple’s iOS operating system offers powerful encryption and protection. iPhone smartphone monitoring apps access a user’s data by downloading it from their iCloud account.

This method does not offer as much access as with Android devices. This is because not all phone data is backed up to the cloud.

Tracking features of iOS monitoring apps include text messages, phone call logs, location tracking, browser history, and access to some social media platforms.

Protecting Users from Hacking

Modern cell phones are incredibly difficult to hack. Apple and Google have invested billions to ensure their platforms are secure. But there are still ways to hack someone’s smartphone.

Monitoring apps can be used to hack someone’s phone and access much of their personal data. Worse, some monitoring apps capture user data and sell it for profit.

As a parent, it’s crucial you understand what sort of data is captured by any app that is installed on your child’s phone.