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Modern technologies offer us so many advantages starting with internet access that allows us to chat, get news from all over the world, send and receive files, and learn new things every day. Children also enjoy using the internet for so many things, exploring the world, helping with their homework, and playing their favorite games. On the downside, the internet could be a very dangerous place for kids if their devices are not properly set up to keep all the harmful and unsuitable content away from their reach.

Many parental control applications have been designed to keep track of children’s activity online. As parents, you will need to protect your children from internet dangers and online predators. And staying next to them to monitor their online behavior all the time is not effective as you do not know what could happen when you’re not there. The Tool Report reviews many of these applications to help you make an informed decision.

Spy applications are designed mainly to monitor children’s behavior online. Employers use it as well to find out what their employees are doing on their work devices. Applications like SpyBubble allow concerned parents and employers to have a full report of what their children or employees do without needing to be there physically.

What Is SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is a parental control application that always allows parents to protect their children without the need to be physically monitoring them. This application offers concerned parents plenty of monitoring features.

The app offers features such as tracking phone calls, monitoring chats and media files. The best part of it is that you do not need to check their phone at all. You can simply log into your online account and check your child’s activity remotely.

This application is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be easily accessed from any browser.

How Does SpyBubble Work?

SpyBubble works by monitoring the target device’s activity in background mode, making it quite difficult for the child or employee to figure out they are being monitored.

The application works by collecting and storing information about the target device’s activity and sends all of them to the parent account, which is accessible remotely at any time.

The application allows you to control your child’s device remotely. You can allow, block, and restrict any services or apps they are using.

What Features Does SpyBubble Include?

SpyBubble offers parents plenty of features to help parents protect their children with less effort. SpyBubble offers parents features such as:

  • Accessing and viewing social media chats, allowing parents to see their activities on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other applications.
  • Viewing live locations, which allows parents to locate their children by checking out the map.
  • Accessing the contacts list and add or delete any contact that you find suspicious.
  • Accessing the SMS your child sends and receives.
  • Accessing the browsing history to check all the websites and search results your children opened.
  • Accessing the call logs to help parents find out who their children talk to and for how long.
  • Access to their email as well, this allows you to check sent and received emails as well as the deleted emails and drafts.
  • Get alerts when your child tries to access any restricted content or tries to violate the rules and restrictions you’ve set on their device.

How Do I Install the SpyBubble App?

The app’s installation and use are straightforward, and it works on both Android and iOS. You only need to go to their website and purchase the app. Once you’ve purchased it, you can download the app and follow the installation instructions.

Once the application is installed on the target device, you can open your control panel and set the restrictions you see fit. Users need to note that the installation process is different for both Android and iOS.

Android Installation

Android installation is effortless, and it takes no longer than 5 minutes to finish. However, you need to physically access the target device to install the app on it. Rooting is also important to get more features from the app.

iOS Installation

On iPhones, you do not need to install the app on the target device. You only need to know the iCloud credentials, feed them, and you’re all set! Physical access on the target device is not required unless you are looking to get more features that might require jailbreaking.

How Much Does SpyBubble Cost?

There are two versions of SpyBubble. The first one allows you standard features such as checking Emails, viewing URLs, checking the Phonebook and SMS, location tracking, and viewing Photos. This version costs $49.95 per year.

The other version is for $84.90 per year. The Pro version allows parents advanced features to have more access to their children’s devices, such as listening to phone calls and using the microphone to listen to the surrounding conversations. You can purchase the application using your credit card or PayPal.

Is It Legal to Use the SpyBubble App?

Using a “Spy App” is a way for parents to monitor their underage children to protect them from internet dangers, online predators, and bullies. You do not need your child’s permission to access their phone and protect them as a parent.

However, if you use the app to monitor your employees, you must let them know that you are monitoring their online activities. If you do not inform your employees (or anyone else who is not your underage child) that you are monitoring them, this will break state or federal laws.

You will be carrying legal responsibilities for spying on someone’s device without them knowing. This is why you need to let the target device’s owner know that you will be installing a spy app to monitor their use.

SpyBubble vs. Other Parental Control Apps

SpyBubbleThe standard version is $49.95 per year.
The Pro version is $84.90 per year.  
Unlimited installations Refund policy
Some features glitch
Uses up the device’s battery
Chargeable customer support
The new version of the app notifies the target device user that they are being monitored.  
XnoreFree Download for Androids
The yearly Premium subscription is $12 per month.  
Easy to use interface
Plenty of advanced features Invisible icon  
It can’t be installed remotely on the target device  
MobicipStarting $3.99 a month to protect up to 5 devices – $4.99 a month to protect up to 10 devices.  Great design
Organized interface
App blocking
Supports most platforms  
Children can bypass desktop browsing restrictions
Not the best iOS configuration
No Geofencing
No total time limits, only time schedules 
PhoneSheriff$89 per year.  Flexible controls
Instant alerts
Remote configurations  
Needs jailbreaking for iOS
Rooting the phone to capture instant messages
App is visible  

Final Verdict

The application offers parents lots of features to monitor their children’s use and protect them from harmful or unsuitable content. However, it lacks a few features that are available in other parental control apps. Before you make a purchase, make sure that you read more about all the parental control apps and find out which one works best for you.

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