Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Soft-Toe Work Boot Review

Comfortable work boots are a must for anyone that spends a good deal of time on their feet.  It becomes especially important when your work environment is hazardous. 

The last thing anyone needs is for pain or discomfort in their feet, legs, or back  to distract them from the task at hand.

We're going to take an in-depth look at the Timberland PRO Pit Boss 6" work boot to see how it stacks up against the competition.

These guys placed second overall in our men's work boot comparison for soft-toed shoes.  Let's take a look at what we like and don't like.

What You Get with the Pitboss Soft-Toes

  • the Pit Boss 6" has a full-grain leather upper padded collar for extra comfort and speed-lacing hardware. There’s also a contoured sock-liner (removable) for comfort.
  • very spacious toe box allowing for better heat management and comfort
  • oil, slip, and abrasion resistant outsole for solid traction in hazardous conditions
  • electrical hazard protection
  • durability, even with heavy usage (every day) these boots should last well over a year
  • removable sock liner
  • meet ANSI safety standard for foot protection (OSHA)

Comfort and Fit

some job sites require certain types of footwear

Comfort is highly dependent upon what you spend most of your time doing.  If you're on your feet 12 hours plus and comfort is THE biggest concern you can't go wrong with a pair of the Timberland Pro 6".  If you're looking for a bit more support, especially around the ankles, the Pit Boss is ideal.

Break-in time on the Pit Boss is minimal.  The leather is soft enough that within a day's use you should feel completely comfortable.  Granted these don't off a protective toe, but you shouldn't expect blisters even when using them straight out of the box.

Long-term you will begin to notice the leather start to crack at the creases from your walking motion, and especially if you tend to squat down or work on your knees a good bit.  Regular application of leather conditioner can help prevent these cracks and will also help keep the boots more pliable and comfortable.  A great one to use is Obenauf's Boot Preservative

A couple applications of this will also ensure that you minimize what little break-in period there is with these boots.

The laces are designed to allow you to tighten to your comfort level without causing them to bind up.  For example: if you like the ankle collar tight, you'll still be able to leave the lower relatively lose. 

The Pit Boss is not waterproof so they tend to breath very well.  Combined with the large toe box makes these one of the most comfortable soft toe boots we tried. 

They tend to be pretty consistent in terms of fit.  We found them to be right in line with Nike tennis shoes in terms of sizing. 

It's worth mentioning that those with narrower feet might feel like their toes are "swimming" a bit with all the extra room, so if you prefer a tighter fit you might want to look a the Wolverine Raider.

Durability & Comfort

Overall we found the Timberland's to be pretty durable.  Regular care with the aforementioned Obenauf's definitely helps preserve the integrity of the leather. 

The traction offered with these boots is superb even under less than ideal circumstances.  We found the tread held up extremely well even with daily use.

We've heard a few complaints about the strength of the lace hooks, but we had no issues on the pair we tested.  Quality control is generally a strong point for Timberland so we wouldn't expect any serious issues in this department.

Consider Boot Insoles

As is typical with most shoes the soles may or may not be suited to those with flat feet, high arches, or other issues.  If you're in this group it's worth looking into customized insoles.  You can read more about insoles designed for work boots here.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Pit Boss 6" soft toe is a very comfortable and supportive boot.  The padded collar provides excellent ankle support and the big toe box is great for circulation and breathability.  If you've got narrow feet or prefer tighter boots you'll want to explore other options.

The Wolverine Raider (the overall winner of our men's work boot comparison) offers a bit more comfort with the same level of support, so they're also worth a look.  But the for those that like the Timberland product the Pit Boss is a great pair of boots.

About the Author Jason Thompson

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