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Our Spyzie Review for 2019: Cell Phone Tracking & More

As someone who has spent a great deal of time researching and testing cell phone spyware I feel uniquely qualified to judge them worthwhile or not.  One of the first things you'll notice after testing a handful of these software packages is that they all make the same promises.  

Unfortunately they rarely deliver on these promises.  The security built into modern smart phones is unbelievably sophisticated, and finding a consistent method of thwarting these measures is extremely challenging.

Spyzie is another such software.  They make a great many promises, but they fall short on execution.  While the installation is relatively straightforward I ran into a variety of problems:

  • app stopped working after phone software update
  • app stopped reporting after the phone was rebooted
  • technical support was completely unresponsive

I could forgive the first two, as plenty of similar apps struggle with these problems.  But the lack of support was VERY frustrating.

Our Favorite Spy App

  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Easy installation
  • Great Balance of Features
  • Non-jailbreak & jailbreak versions
mspy spy app for iphone and androids
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Considerations Before Installing a Spy App

All cell phone monitoring software incorporates a set of standard features, including the ability to read email, text messages, media files, address book and calendar. This type of software usually allows you to monitor internet use and provides some form of location tracking. Additional features include the ability to read multi-media files, take screenshots, configure alerts and remotely lock the target device.

Cell phone monitoring may be an option if you are concerned about the activities that your children or employees may be carrying out on their mobile devices. You can monitor a target device invisibly, which lets you obtain valuable information without curtailing the liberties of the phone user.

Many cell phone monitoring programs are also capable of remotely locking or wiping the target device. If the phone or tablet is ever lost or stolen, this feature lets you protect the information that is contained in the device from being accessed by unauthorized viewers.

​Not all spy apps are compatible with all phone operating system platforms.  Click here to see which tools we rated the best hidden spy apps for Androids

The potential benefits of using cell phone spyware come with accompanying drawbacks. This solution may not be right for you if:

  • you are not comfortable with the notion of monitoring a person without his or her knowledge;
  • you have no way of gaining physical access to the target device long enough to install the software;
  • the device you want to monitor is running a non-supported version of the operating system.

Our Spyzie Review

Spyzie software is a product of SuperSoft Limited, which has been in existence since 2007. Recent versions of Spyzie have expanded social media monitoring capabilities and it now includes activity tracking for most major social media platforms. Recent versions have also added functionality to location monitoring, including geo-fencing and alerts.

Spyzie offers potential benefits across a variety of devices:

  • Compatibility with Android and iOS systems makes it possible to monitor many of the devices that are currently in use;
  • The online setup process allows you to install the software on iOS devices by confirming the iCloud account associated with the target phone. You do not need to install a monitoring app on the target device and there is no need to jailbreak;
  • Easy online account creation is guided by a setup wizard and lets you establish an account in a matter of minutes.

In spite of the obvious benefits, the use of Spyzie may also have disadvantages.

  • The software is compatible only with iOS and Android devices;
  • If the target device is an Android, you will need to install and activate a monitoring app on the target device;
  • Full licensing options are available only for Android devices while the iOS plan offers only monthly licensing and does not offer volume pricing.

Where Spyzie Excels

Spyzie is compatible with Android versions through 9 and with iOS versions up to 12. This Spyzie review will describe the monitoring tools that are available when you install the software.

Phone Call monitoring

Spyzie lets you view call history, including date, time and duration of call. You can access caller contact information and view a detailed snapshot of the five most frequently contacted persons, which is useful in identifying important people in the user's life. Call activity logs can help you to decide whether certain contacts should be restricted or even blocked.

If you want the ultimate in phone call monitoring I would recommend you check out Flexispy.​

Chat App Tracking

The app supports social media activity monitoring on WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Wechat, Instagram and Line and lets you access and download attachments that are exchanged via those apps. The chat history logs can be used to discern patterns that are present in monitored interactions and reveal usage and contact information pertaining to the exchange of media files.

Text Message Monitoring

The app saves a copy of text messages and records sender information, receiver names and number of messages that are contained in each string. Message history provides information about who the user is connected to and the nature of those connections, allowing you to identify contacts that may need to be restricted or blocked based on message content.

Internet use monitoring

Spyzie allows you to view installed apps and to download media files that are created with the app. You can view bookmarks and browser history and can use this feature to block specific websites, disallow internet use or block specific apps.

Keystroke logging

The key logger saves a permanent record of all information typed on the target device. This feature is invaluable if the user of the target device has attempted to circumvent detection by erasing the original content since the keystroke log remains intact.

Location tracking

Spyzie remotely tracks and provides in-depth details about the location of the target device and monitors the specific route taken to arrive at a location. Viewing route details can help you to determine if the user is stopping at an off-bounds location while on the way to an accepted destination. This information lets you set appropriate travel parameters and facilitates monitoring of future behavior.

Contact monitoring

Spyzie lets you browse and download the contents of calendars, contact lists, notes and reminders and can listen to recorded voice files. This information is stored on the target device but is not necessarily exchanged in electronic conversations, which provides an essential layer of information that may be used to corroborate contents of email, text and chat messages.

Photos and videos

You can view and download videos and images that are stored on the device, which is useful if you are attempting to restrict access to certain types of content. Knowing whether off-bounds images are stored on the target device will help you decide whether the user has complied with established parameters.

SIM card change detection

Spyzie has built-in SIM card change detection and alerts you if the SIM card is removed. This feature lets you take immediate steps to protect information that is stored in the target device should the phone be lost or stolen.

Our Favorite Spy App

  • Best Balance of Features
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Non-jailbreak & jailbreak versions
mspy spy app for iphone and androids
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As with most of the apps we've reviewed Spyzie has a relatively simple installation process.  Here is a video demonstrating how simple it is to install.

Spyzie Customer Reviews

While writing this review, I found some customer testimonials that really speak to some of the software's capabilities. I would like to share some of those comments with you.

So when I first purchased spyzie, it worked great for me! (About a month) when I renewed my subscription, I contacted customer service, no answer. I contacted them a second time, no answer. Finally, I contacted them, and had to tell them that I was paying for a service I was not being able to use, and wanted a refund. They replied. I had to uninstall, and reinstall the program. Which is a pain in the butt to do when you're trying to monitor without someone knowing..

Alex R. 
San Diego, CA

So when I first purchased spyzie, it worked great for me! (About a month) when I renewed my subscription, I contacted customer service, no answer. I contacted them a second time, no answer. Finally, I contacted them, and had to tell them that I was paying for a service I was not being able to use, and wanted a refund. They replied. I had to uninstall, and reinstall the program. Which is a pain in the butt to do when you're trying to monitor without someone knowing.

Spyzie vs mSpy

Cell phone spyware contains features that do not differ significantly across monitoring programs but companies differ in the quality of customer support they provide. Spyzie is a well-provisioned cell phone monitoring program but we prefer mSpy because of its superior customer service.

MSpy is available for nearly all phones and tablets that are currently used while Spyzie is compatible only with Android and iOS devices. An advantage that Spyzie offers is that it does not require installation of a monitoring app on iOS systems but mSpy offers a no jailbreak option for iOS devices.

Spyzie Pricing

Spyzie offers a premium edition with restricted functionality and an ultimate edition with full functionality. Both editions offer monthly, quarterly and annual plans. The premium edition costs $29.99 for a 1-month license, $39.99 for a 3-month license and $89.99 for a year-long license. The ultimate edition costs $39.99 per month, $49.99 per quarter and $99.99 per year. For iOS devices, Spyzie offers a one-month premium plan at $39.99 per month.

Spyzie offers volume pricing, which includes monitoring for up to 20 devices for either edition but only for Android devices.


Our favorite spy app is mSpy.  They offer a basic plan at $29.99 per month, which may be a good choice if you foresee that you will have a short-term need for this type of software. If you anticipate long-term use, mSpy offers a premium plan at $69.99 per month. If purchased quarterly or annually, the plan costs $39.99 and $16.66 per month, respectively.

Where to Buy Spyzie

Spyzie has a comprehensive set of features that let you monitor calls, messages and internet use. The software also has the ability to monitor activity on several social media platforms. Spyzie supports iOS systems without the need to install a monitoring app on the target device.

To download Spyzie, visit their website, where you can create an account that provides access to the program's control panel.

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