SPYIC Review: #1 For Smartphone Surveillance

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In this SPYIC review I’ll share why this product beat out an industry leader to become my spy app of choice.

After having tested so many of these apps it quickly becomes apparent which ones are worthless and which ones will actually deliver on their promises.

While it’s not perfect (more on that later)…

…SPYIC offers the most features of any app without having to root or jailbreak the target phone.

In this review you'll learn:
  • why SPYIC beats out mSpy and all others when it comes to monitoring Android phones
  • my experience with installing and using the app
  • a few features SPYIC offers that NO OTHER app currently offers without rooting or jailbreaking the device

One such program capable of protecting your kids is Spyic. This article reviews the monitoring software, Spyic, to see if it’s the program for you.

My SPYIC Review

What I Like

  • awesome Android spy features
  • stable app that is easy to install
  • requires NO ROOTING
  • Updates every 30 mins or less

What I Don’t Like

  • slow tech support

Spyic is a fully functional device monitoring program for both Android and iOS devices.

Spyic was developed with parents in mind looking to monitor their child’s whereabouts and behavior through their mobile devices. Still, its functionality can be extended to prospective employers looking to better manage their team’s work devices.

They believe that modern cyber-security threats consistently evolve as technology develops, from unauthorized data leaks to deliberate sabotage within ranks.

They also work with parents in protecting their children from individuals with malicious intent online or those looking to deceive unaware children browsing the web.

With 10 years of experience in digital security and spread across 190 countries, Spyic aims to give you top-of-the-line functionality in a discreet and efficient device monitoring app.

Spyic: Features and Capabilities

Spyic is a comprehensive device monitoring app that can monitor multiple cell phone functions at the same time. This app usually finds itself useful for parental control and employee management.

While Spyic features are comparable to some of the other software available on the internet, listed below are some key Spyic features and their notable advantages.

Stealthy Phone App

It’s not easy to have apps that are discreet nowadays. Many of them are listed in plain-view sight on your respective devices’ app list and can be freely accessed by anyone using the target device.

Moreover, if the app proves to be inhibiting for someone, they can simply delete it, and all the filtering and monitoring will be removed from the target device as quickly as it was installed.

After you install Spyic, you won’t have this issue as it installs differently than the usual apps you would find on the app store.

You can install the Spyic app itself, and it will be hidden from the standard user interface found on their phone and will require special access to reconfigure and delete.

Remote Access

Moreover, you can control all of these features remotely through your personal control app found within your personal device so that you don’t need to access the target device physically to sync new configuration settings.

You can use Spyic to send your online reports to your email address and forward it to other guardians so that any dangerous event can be shared across concerned parties.

iOS Version

It’s good to note this stealth app applies specifically to Android users as their system requires installing the app itself. For the iOS version, you needn’t worry about stealth as no app installation is even necessary to monitor the target device.

To install Spyic, simply log-in to the online control panel and input the iCloud credentials used to operate the target device, as well as ensure a two-factor phone authentication is set in place.

Once this is done, Spyic can begin monitoring different aspects and any activity in the target device. You also don’t need the target iOS device to physically do this, as the iCloud credentials are all you need to set up Spyic monitoring.

Website Monitoring

A Spyic feature useful for many parents is the ability to monitor what their children do online. Part of this comes into the form of how they casually browse the internet.

With how intuitive search engines are nowadays, it takes less than a minute for even the youngest of kids to learn how to operate search functions.

It’s also easy for kids to stumble upon the wrong webpage with a simple misspelling of a keyword. This can lead to many issues and unfriendly content exposure your child might not be ready for.

Use Spyic so that you can always monitor your child’s browser history without having to open their phone’s browser directly. You can also view the frequency your child visits a site/s, as well as their corresponding time stamps.

Never again will you need to worry about where your kid goes online, as Spyic can monitor phone browser history anywhere. Furthermore, Spyic will notify you whenever the phone browses a suspicious and potentially dangerous website.

Call and Text Messaging Monitoring

Sometimes, shady individuals attempt to pressure your kid into doing the wrong things through “anonymous” means, such as unlisted cellular phone calls and random text messages.

This can be dangerous for your child as while some texts and phone calls pose innocently as random surveys or giveaways, these may actually be a ruse to get more information and potentially harm your kids.

You can use Spyic to monitor call logs and texts your children receive in real-time, as well as any deleted messages that have been removed from their phone inboxes.

The Spyic monitoring app can also track frequently contacted users and call duration.


A special feature Spyic has is its keylogging function for additional monitoring purposes.

Spyic keylogging works by taking note of typed out words, sent or not, and logging that onto the online control panel.

This can help immensely in monitoring any activity on a target device, be it through text, social media, browsing, and more.

Social Media App Tracker

More often, you find that online dangers come not from blatantly suspicious websites but from the ones that pose themselves as harmless, with online predators lurking beneath the surface.

While teaching them the proper ways to identify dangerous online behavior, you can monitor and guide them through the Spyic Social Media Tracker.

With this specialized Spyic tracker, you can review any online interactions your children have had through a more-than-one-app such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, LINE, and more.

Photo and Video Viewer

Spyic can also view the media being shared across these different platforms, both incoming and outgoing.

Spyic can see who sent these and when, as well as where they are stored on the target device. In fact, Spyic can even monitor all the photos and videos saved on the device to make sure nothing dangerous from an app is saved on the cell phone.

App Monitor

The social media landscape constantly changes. You’ll never be sure which app will be the next popular phone app.

To protect your children, Spyic can monitor the apps currently installed on the cell phone. Spyic will be able to see the complete apps installed, when they were installed, and even block access to specific ones.

GPS tracking

One of the things you’ll always be thinking about as a parent is where your kid is. This kind of mindset is especially strong when your kid is young and can still easily get lost.

With the advent of technology and GPS locations, you can have Spyic utilize the internal GPS systems normally used for navigation and social media for a real-time tracking system.

As long as the target phone is connected online, Spyic will find where the target phone is.


Geo-fencing is a new technology function found in digital marketing and smart navigation systems that track whether a target device enters or leaves a specific geographical location.

Spyic utilizes this technology to monitor and contain your target device’s movements within a certain space.

Spyic can set a specific area you want your child to stay in, say your home whenever they finish school or a specific play area while you’re out.

If your child leaves this set area at any time, Spyic will alert you on your own device app on when and where the cell phone left the geo-fenced area.

SIM Tracker

The tricky part with GPS tracking is it requires an active cell phone or 3G connection for internet services.

If the network is too weak that 3G isn’t available or the internet service gets cut off in any way, your GPS tracking will be rendered inactive.

Luckily, Spyic has an integrated SIM tracking system that uses network tower pings to determine the approximate location of the target device. Along with tracking, Spyic can also pull SIM card details for added security of the cell phone.

SIM Alert

Another useful security feature Spyic has is its SIM alert system, which gives you an alert to your email address if at any time the cell phone sim card has been changed.

If ever your child’s cell phone is stolen, you can track it to its last location of SIM activity.

Spyic Pricing

Spyic has a standard pricing package similar to many software programs online, namely that which uses time duration as a pricing method, where longer duration plans costing cheaper on a per month basis.

Spyic splits its packages across three groups, with 3 durations each: 1-month, 3-months, and 12-months. Take note that iOS and Android have different payment packages and features available, which we will expand on below.


The Spyic Basic app is the cheapest plan available for your phone across the different product versions that Spyic offers and is currently available only on Android devices. Their pricing range is as follows:


  • $39.99 for 1-month
  • $19.99 monthly for 3-months ($59.99 total payment)
  • $8.33 monthly for 12-months ($99.99 total payment)

The cheapest method of subscribing is their 12-month plan, which is the cheapest option in the long-run, despite a higher initial cash-out of $99.99. The Spyic basic plan comes with their bare-bones monitoring systems, which include:


  • Call Logs and Text Messages
  • GPS Tracking
  • Browser History
  • Photo and Video Viewer
  • Contacts and Bookmarks Overview

A notable missing feature here is the chat monitoring systems, SIM card tracker, keylogger, and more. The complete monitoring features can be found on the higher-priced product versions of Spyic.


The Spyic Premium plan is the definitive monitoring app that Spyic has to offer for both Android and iOS devices.

Spyic offers its best deal price-wise and offers the complete monitoring suite for the best hands-on digital protection. Spyic offers the pricing as follows:


  • $49.99 for 1-month
  • $23.33 monthly for 3-months ($69.99 total payment)
  • $9.99 monthly for 12-months ($119.99 total payment)
  • $49.99 for 1-month
  • $26.66 monthly for 3-months ($79.99 total payment)
  • $10.83 monthly for 12-months ($129.99 total payment)

The difference between the Spyic Premium and Spyic basic editions, in terms of price, is minimal at best.

When you consider the comprehensive monitoring capabilities that the Spyic premium plan gets you, the deal gets even sweeter. You can see the Spyic Premium App feature breakdown below:


  • Call Logs and Text Messages
  • Social Media Monitor
  • SIM Card Tracker and Alert System
  • GPS Tracking
  • Application List
  • Photo and Video Viewer
  • Browser History
  • Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar Overview
  • Keylogger
  • Call Logs, Text Messages, and iMessage
  • GPS Tracking
  • Browser History
  • Photo and Video Viewer
  • Limited Social Media Monitor
  • Application List
  • Contacts and Calendar Overview

As we mentioned earlier, not all features are the same between the two operating systems. We will expand on the differences between the two operating systems below, as well as how it affects the kind of monitoring you’ll expect to receive.


Spyic Family plans are as straightforward as they sound; namely, the Spyic Premium phone features are made available towards larger groups, 3 for Android and 5 for iOS. Check out the price breakdown below:


  • $69.99 for 1-month
  • $33.33 monthly for 3-months ($99.99 total payment)
  • $16.66 monthly for 12-months ($199.99 total payment)
  • $99.99 for 1-month
  • $66.66 monthly for 3-months ($199.99 total payment)
  • $33.33 monthly for 12-months ($399.99 total payment)

As you may have noticed, family plans are significantly more expensive than single device premium plans.

However, you still come out with savings compared to buying several single Spyic premium phone apps if you opt for the Spyic family plan.

These packages shine when it comes to parents or employers that need to monitor more than 2 target devices. You’ll be able to monitor several devices from your personal control panel and sync your configuration settings across all.


In terms of features, you can expect the same comprehensive monitoring system found on the Spyic Premium phone app utilized across several target devices.

From remotely configuring each device to syncing and collating online reports, Spyic makes multiple device management as easy as a single target device.


Spyic business accounts are similar to family accounts in that they encompass multiple devices under one payment plan.

Currently, iOS is the only device system that can avail of this package, including support for up to 25 devices. If you’re not an iOS user, you can opt to message Spyic directly for a personalized quote.

You can see the Spy Business iOS packages below:


  • $399.99 for 1-month
  • $233.33 for 3-months ($699.99 total payment)
  • $83.33 for 12-months ($999.99 total payment)


This package includes all the features found in the Spyic Premium iOS package so you can have a complete comprehensive monitoring system spread across a large number of phones and devices.

While this package is expensive, you can expect it to be useful for employers looking to monitor a large number of work devices and phones to ensure workplace data security and efficiency.

Important Note on iOS versus Android

Apple iOS is known for their closed systems, keeping Apple developments exclusive to Apple as part of their security and unique app systems within their products.

On the other hand, Android is known for more flexible and developer-friendly operating systems.

This gives Android devices more allowance to be monitored through different features such as keylogging and SIM card tracing. You’ll also need to install Spyic physically on an Android device for it to operate.

Jailbroken/Rooted vs. Native OS

If you need more robust features out of your personal security monitoring system, you can opt to jailbreak (iOS) or root (Android) your device to allow more access to system features.

Jailbreaking or rooting works by downloading a third-party program that removes device security protocols and changes permissions to allow specific users to modify the system.

mSpy vs Spyic

Though we’ve seen that Spyic has a robust monitoring system with Android’s operating system, it’s iOS feature set is still lacking.

In fact both mSpy and uMobix have more iPhone features.

That’s why, as an alternative to Spyic, we recommend a similarly powerful monitoring app known as mSpy.


mSpy is a stealthy monitoring app designed for parents or employers looking to monitor a target phone or several different devices discreetly and efficiently.

mSpy has 5 years of experience in the market with a strong global presence and impressive customer feedback.

With their 24/7 customer support, you can use mSpy as your next phone monitoring app with the assurance that you’ll be able to see the data you’ll need to see.

Better UI and App Features

What’s important for many app users is how intuitive their UI, or user interface, is. The easier an app is to use, the better data and work you can get out of it.

While mSpy maintains a completely stealthy and discreet on the target phone being monitored, your own control panel app has a well organized and complete data set system that can filter and analyze data you need.

You can also choose not just to monitor specific apps and websites but also to actively block them so that you can be assured your child or employee won’t access restricted apps and websites.

Automated Updates

Unlike other market applications that only update themselves based on a command prompt or event, mSpy can consistently check for target phone activity within one specific time frame.

The minimum time for automated updates like this is 5 minutes. You’ll need to ensure the target phone is connected to the internet at the time of update for you to be able to review it remotely.

Encrypted Reports

mSpy encrypts all your reports prior to uploading them to your online database. This ensures that no one but you can access the data found on these report sheets.

As mSpy collects data-heavy information on almost all online behavior from a target device, you’ll need this extra layer of security to ensure no one but the intended parties can access the information.

Each report includes comprehensive data analysis on any of the data points being monitored. This can include frequency of use and visits, duration of activity, and more.

These reports can come from a single target device or multiple, consolidating multiple data sets for a total overview of activity.

Better Pricing Packages

As we’ve seen with how Spyic prices its product, it can get costly to order multiple licenses for different phone operating systems.

mSpy offers a more streamlined payment system with a single price for both Android and iOS systems. They offer a similar three-tier system through different durations of license for their products, as you can see below:

  • $59.49 for 1-month
  • $34.00 monthly for 3-months ($101.99 total payment)
  • $14.17 monthly for 12-months ($169.99 total payment)

While it comes out slightly more expensive initially, you technically end up saving more as you don’t need to buy separate licenses to cover for different phone operating systems.

You can also modify your license quantity at check-out so that you can monitor more than one phone and without being locked to a specific quantity.


Whether you use Spyic or mSpy, investing in a phone monitoring program is useful in more ways than you would initially think.

Be it as a parent or as an employer, keeping data secure can protect those you care about from the dangers of an unfiltered web space.

For the best value out of a cell phone monitoring app, we suggest going with mSpy as it contains a robust monitoring suite with flexible payment plans.

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