SpyHuman Review 2021: Cell Phone Monitoring App

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Do you need a way to monitor your kid’s phone to keep them safe?

The SpyHuman app is a MONITORING TOOL that allows you to track someone else’s cell phone remotely.

You can go through SMS logs, GPS Location features, social media chats, call logs, browsing history, and so much more.

Aside from listing down all the reasons why it’s a great app tracker, I’ll also be comparing it with other cell phone monitoring apps to see how it holds up.

SpyHuman Review

I will tell you all about this app for monitoring various devices in this SpyHuman review.

But before I do so, let’s get down to an overview of the pros and cons of this wonderful yet admittedly flawed app.


  • User-friendly service
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation process on android devices


  • Not applicable on IOS devices
  • Cannot remotely uninstall on target’s device/s

SpyHuman Spying App Features

Most smartphone spy apps have the same basic features. In this SpyHuman review, I’ll be comparing the features of the SpyHuman app from both the trial plan and the premium plan, which contains these key features.

Available Monitoring Activities on SpyHuman

Several SpyHuman features can offer support to help you keep track of the ongoings in your desired targeted device.

SMS Logs

With SpyHuman, you can check all the text messages your kid sends or receives on their android devices and see if they’re appropriate.

Call Recording

If you want to know who your kid has been calling recently, you can easily check out the details with SpyHuman on the targeted phone.

You get the details of their call (e.g., date and duration of the call), and you can also record calls and replay the call recording if you want to listen to them again for clarity.

You even get to block certain numbers with this app to stop your kid from receiving their outgoing calls.

Contact Book Viewer

With SpyHuman, you can browse through your kid’s contact book on the target device. Even if they delete certain contact information from their contact book, you can still view the deleted information.

You can also find your child’s contact details there too.

Browsing History

If you’re worried if your kid is going to age-inappropriate websites, you can easily take advantage of SpyHuman’s web monitoring features.

With this, you can go through their BROWSING HISTORY.

It also shows you how often they visited each site and how long they stayed on each page.

SpyHuman’s history website blocker feature allows you to restrict access to specific sites on the target device.

Anti-Theft Feature

With SpyHuman, you get to protect your kids and even save the day with the ANTI-THEFT FEATURE.

If a thief decides to snatch your kid’s phone, you’ll get an instant notification.

If they try any kind of funny business with the phone sim, you’ll get an instant SIM change notification to inform you.

Social Media Platforms Overview

I think it’s common knowledge that the internet isn’t safe, and that holds true, especially for children.

With SpyHuman, you can check which social media apps they’re using and see how much time they spend on the installed apps they have on the target phone through your control panel. This includes spying on Snapchat, monitoring Instagram, and spying on Whatsapp.

Location Tracker

Is your kid telling you they’re going out to meet up with friends at a dangerous part of the city?

You can make sure your kid is safe with the tracking features SpyHuman offers.

It will tell you the GPS location of the target device. That way, you get to keep track of your kid’s location at all times.

Remote File Explorer

You can check your kid’s images app and file manager to check if the images, videos, and other media files they’re keeping on the target phone are all safe and appropriate.

You can even do a REMOTE FILE DOWNLOAD, so you don’t even have to take their gadget to check it from there.

SpyHuman Pricing

So at this point of the SpyHuman review, you might be thinking, Wow, the SpyHuman app sounds cool! How much does SpyHuman cost? Is it expensive because they have so many amazing features?

Well, you’re not wrong that the app sounds really cool, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Let’s break down all the essential features this app has to offer you!

Trial Features

Before you commit to SpyHuman, you get a trial of 7 days of the free version before having to pay for it.

The basic features of SpyHuman give you access to the following on your control panel:

  • Call logs
  • Messages access
  • Location tracking
  • Contact details
  • Social media apps
  • Browsing history
  • Website blocker
  • Remote file manager
  • Image gallery access
  • App & call blocking
  • Target device’s details

So while you get access to these features for 7 days, you only get to monitor one device with your account.

You also need to deal with ads and the storage limit when you use the trial version of SpyHuman.

Premium Features

So you think the Premium plan offers more features?

Not exactly.

You get all the same features except you don’t have to deal with ads, and you have unlimited storage space for all the things you download and view from the target device.

So how much does this cost?

You get to use the advanced features of the SpyHuman app at a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE OF $9.99.

How to Install SpyHuman App

Okay, so how do you install SpyHuman on the target device?

To make the SpyHuman app work, you’ll need access to the intended monitored device.

Here are all the steps to install it.

  1. Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security and enable Unknown sources for Android.
  2. Go to the Google Playstore and disable Play Protect.
  3. Download the SpyHuman APK from their website and install it on the target device.
  4. Sign up for a new account and verify your email address.
  5. Log in and configure your app according to the Operating System requirements, which should be shown on the screen.

Indeed, you’ll have access to the monitored device from your very own admin panel.

To gain access to the SpyHuman admin panel, all you have to do is log in to the website, add the target device and start gaining access to the target device through the monitoring app.


SpyHuman is an Android app that you must download through an APK.

For that, the android device must be version 3.0 and up.

Customer Service & Support

SpyHuman has a support team that can answer your questions through a message box on their site.

Unfortunately, their customer support team is NOT AVAILABLE 24/7, which is frustrating, according to some users on some SpyHuman reviews online.

They have an automated response system, and their comprehensive FAQ comes in handy even when customer support is unavailable.

Who Should Use SpyHuman?

While this app may seem like it’s only for parents looking after their children, employers can also utilize this app to check on their employees.

That way, employers can see if their employees aren’t running off with the company mobile phone.

The only prerequisite is that the target device must be an Android device.

SpyHuman Alternatives

Here are a few of my favorite SpyHuman alternatives.

SpyHuman vs uMobix

uMobix is currently my top pick among all spy apps on the market. It offers the most features, reliability, a great refund policy, and the best tech support in the industry.

And at $11.66 per month when you purchase the annual plan it’s one of the cheapest options on the market as well. You can read more about it in my uMobix spying app review.

SpyHuman vs. mSpy

While you can download SpyHuman app on any Android gadget, what if your kid owns an Apple product like an iPhone or an iPad?

If so, then the mSpy app could be a better fit for your needs.

You get all the same monitoring features SpyHuman has to offer you, like viewing call logs, text messages, social media logs, and more with the added addition of being available on IOS devices.

However, what keeps mSpy ahead is it also offers other advanced features like geofencing and even access to a keylogger!

Your only possible issue with this app is that it COSTS WAY MORE.

  • 1 Month – $48.99/mo
  • 3 Months – $27.99/mo
  • 12 Months – $11.66/mo

This is best to keep that in mind if you’re not keen on splurging money on a monitoring app.

SpyHuman vs. Spyera

Like SpyHuman, Spyera can monitor the intended targeted device with its messages, call logs, location data, and more.

But Spyera does more than just that.

It’s also got a GEOFENCING FEATURE you can use to check if your kid is staying inside the parameters you’ve set. You can see when they leave it and return if they ever do.

It’s also got a KEYLOGGING FEATURE you can use to keep track of your kid’s passwords and PINs, especially if they’ve recently changed it.

And the best part about Spyera is that it’s compatible with both Android and IOS!

Again, the only limit is the price with Spyera.

  • Smart Phone (Andriod or IOS) – $89/mo
  • Tablet (Android tablet or iPad) – $69/mo
  • Computer (Windows or Mac) – $49/mo
  • All in one – $479/mo

Each package only lets you monitor one device at a time, which means you’ll need to buy another package if you want to add more devices.

The All in one package is the same: you only get to add one device in each category.


Do you still have some questions about SpyHuman?

Here are some frequently asked questions about this app.

Is SpyHuman Legal?

If you feel nervous regarding the legality of this app, don’t worry.

It is legal to use SpyHuman as long as you intend to use it on your children who are still MINORS.

If you decide to use the app with your employee, they must know that you downloaded the app on the phone. If not, then that is considered illegal.

Aside from that, be sure to check your local laws before deciding to use this app. You can also get a consultation from a local lawyer so they can guide you with the legality of this app.

Read More: What are the laws about using phone spy apps?

Does Spyhuman Work Worldwide?

Yes, it is.

There are NO PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS on where you and your kid should be for it to work.

According to the SpyHuman website, you only need access to the internet for the app to work and collect data for you.

Will My Kid See the SpyHuman App?

What happens after you finish installing and setting up the application on the targeted device?

The SpyHuman icon will disappear from your kid’s phone.

How Do I Uninstall SpyHuman on the Target Device?

For starters, you cannot uninstall SpyHuman on the device it’s meant to monitor from a remote area.

You will need access to the device to uninstall the app.

Here are the steps you need to take to uninstall it:

  1. Go to the SpyHuman website and log in to go to the Admin Panel.
  2. Once you find the Account Configuration settings located on the upper right corner of the admin panel, click on the Uninstall code button.
  3. When you get the code, dial it in the target phone and click on the uninstall button that will pop up.

Here’s an alternative way to uninstall the app if you can’t seem to uninstall it with the code:

  1. Go to the Remote section on the Control Panel.
  2. When the device is online, click on the Disable Stealth Mode button.
  3. Open the app and go to the System Service page on the menu.
  4. You’ll be able to uninstall it from there.


So based on this SpyHuman review, do you think it’s worth it?

If your kid has an iPhone, then SpyHuman isn’t going to help you out.

Aside from that, while SpyHuman may seem impressive, there are other features other apps can offer you, like geofencing, monitoring cameras, and even keylogging.

However, when you compare the SpyHuman app to other available apps on the market, this app makes for a GREAT ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE to such apps.

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