Southland Outdoor Power Equipment’s Beast of a Gas Log Splitter

As fall rolls around it's time to start thinking about stockpiling wood for the winter.  Unless you happen to enjoy the physical exercise of splitting logs, there's no better way of accomplishing this than with a gas-powered log splitter.  They're powerful, fast, and offer some unique time-saving features.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty, gas powered log splitter; the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825 should be at the top of your list.  Here are a few of the things we like about this particular unit:


  • Tons of power
  • fast cycle time
  • durable frame & engine


  • heavy
  • not 4-way wedge compatible

There are dozens of wood splitters on the market including both gas and electric powered, so what helps set the Southland apart?  Here's what we liked.

  • Take the splitter to the wood - tough pneumatic tires and hitch make it simple to tow this unit where it’s needed most for an easier splitting job.  Save your back and take the splitter to the logs, not the logs to the splitter.
  • Split more wood in less time - automatic returns and 17-second cycle time mean a faster and easier time getting through big jobs. Just have the next log ready to go, and you’ll save yourself hours of tiresome work.
  • Long Engine Life - an internal oil delivery system that lubricates bearings helps extend the life of the engine. Without the added heat build-up, your splitter will last for many years.
  • Get Splitting Fast - easy setup and simple engine start will have you running in no time. The included instruction manual is easy to follow so almost anybody can complete the process.
  • Power Through Bigger Logs - the heavy-duty gas engine offers high-performance in rough conditions. The Southland log splitter continues running when others fail.

Southland power equipment offers you the best in two and four-cycle gas engine products to save you time and give you the power you need to complete almost any outdoor job. With this durable unit, you’ll be able to complete tough tasks with relative ease for many years to come.

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Key Features and Specs

wood pile cut with boss electric wood splitter

Ready to find out what this log splitter can do for you? You’ll find answers to your questions below.

What is the cycle time?

The SLS20825 gas powered log splitter cycles quickly through splitting individual logs. Be over and done and on to the next within 17 seconds. This will help you complete the job much faster than you would be able to do it manually, or even with a splitter of lesser power.

What is the max log diameter?

This log splitter has an 8-inch heat-treated splitting wedge that can handle logs up to 26-inches long and 30 inches in diameter. The heat treatment strengthens the wedge and makes sure that your splitter gives you maximum performance for more years than any you would buy without the added care.

Is it easy to assemble?

Southland outdoor power equipment comes with easy to understand instructions to make assembly as painless as possible. You can have it up and running in short order, and usage is as easy as assembly.

Will it split logs horizontally and vertically?

The Southland SLS20825 Gas Powered Log Splitter splits both horizontally and vertically to make short work of large logs. Simply position the log, and the splitter does the rest.

What is the max towing speed?

This log splitter has 16-inch D.O.T. approved tires and a 2-inch hitch that make towing easy. Simply hook to your motorized vehicle and tow it directly to where the job lies waiting. The splitter can be moved at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. You can save your back when you don’t have to carry the logs over distances to the splitter.

What are the engine specs and who is it built by?

You’ll find a 208 cc 8.5-foot-pounds of torque OHV engine packed inside the Southland log splitter, ready to tackle the toughest jobs. It’s created by MAT Engine Technologies that offer a wide variety of Southland branded power equipment products that cover everything from cutting, cleaning and trimming to blowing, digging and splitting.

Pros and Cons

This is no lightweight machine.  At almost 475 pounds, the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825 25 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter is heavy, but the specialized tires and durable hitch make it easy to tow it where it needs to go.

It has a quick cycle time and strong heat-treated wedge to make splitting jobs as fast and easy as possible.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  The last thing you want is to be waiting on your splitter to cylce through each log.  17 seconds isn't the fastest in the industry but it's we found it was just enough time to get the next piece of wood staged and ready to load.

Yes, manual assembly is required, but we had no difficulty with the included instructions.  You should be able to get it up and running in a matter of minutes.  The engine typically cranked on the first pull each time.

Large logs are no problem with the 26-inch maximum capacity and choice of vertical or horizontal settings.

The engine is sufficiently powerful to complete a lengthy, hard job with its 208 cc 8.5-foot-pounds of torque and 25-ton splitting force.

One capability we'd like to see on a splitter in this price range is an option to use 4-way s​plitting wedge for larger logs.  It would pair very well with the veritcal splitting capabilities the Southland offers.

Looking for a quieter option?  Check out the ES7T20 splitter from Boss Industrial.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a log splitter with power and durability, the Southland SLS20825 Gas Powered Log Splitter should live up to your expectations.  This is a BIG and POWERFUL machine.  If you're just looking to occasionally split some wood you might go with a lighter weight model with less power.  But if you want to cut through a cord of firewood in less than 3 hours this the machine you want. 

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