Our Phone Tracking Articles

map of a users location

There are many ways to track a cell phones GPS location. This includes using native apps like Google Maps or Find My Phone from Apple.

Here are some of our most popular articles devoted to locating a phone:

Tracking Without Installing Software

In this article I discuss all the different software tools you can use to track a phone without having to install anything on the phone itself.

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Tracking a Phone With Just Their Phone Number

In this article you’ll learn how to track a smartphone using just their phone number.

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Tracking Using Google Maps

In this post I dig into how you can use Google Maps to keep track of a phone’s location. I also cover some other tips and techniques.

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Tracking with Facebook Messenger

Can you use Facebook Messenger to track someone’s physical location? Seems far fetched right? Find out if it’s possible in this article.

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Kee Up With Your Child’s Location

For parents cell phones can be a blessing and a curse. In this article I show you a few easy and convenient ways to ALWAYS know where your children are, as well as what they’re doing on their phone.

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Secretly Tracking a Device

In this article I dive into how you can monitor someones iPhone without them even knowing. You’ll need a couple key pieces of information to get started. But these tools will show you much more than just the GPS location

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Phone Tracking Apps

In this comparison post I highlight my favorite apps that allow you to track someones phone without requiring their permission. Sneaky, but very effective.

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Tracking Your Husband’s Phone

There are lots of reasons why you might want to keep track of your husband’s location. It’s none of my business, but if you want to know the best way, read the article below.

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See Your Wife’s Phone Location

In this post I’ve covered the various ways of seeing where your wife is at any given time. You’ll also be able to see location history, and lot’s more.

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