Longevity Forcecut 62i Review: A Beast of a Plasma Cutter

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While newer to the scene than many of the more established players in the world of welding and plasma cutting tools, Longevity is making a name for itself by bringing a consistent stream of innovative technologies and products to market.

The Forcecut 62i plasma cutter is certainly no exception to this trend.  One of the first things you’ll notice, besides the sleek black housing, is the 95% duty cycle at 60A.  There are very few cutters on the market that even come close to this number.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s rated to cut up to 1 1/4″ steel with a max cut of 1 3/8″.  It accomplishes all of this on 220V single phase power thanks to Longevity’s inverter IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology.

While it doesn’t have the brand recognition of a Hypertherm or Miller product, the performance of this unit is nonetheless VERY impressive.  

Our Longevity Forcecut 62i Review

Overall we’re very impressed with the performance of Longevity’s latest plasma cutter.  At 5 inches per minute cutting 1″ steel it matches the performance of some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Even the Spectrum 875 from Miller can’t match that cutting capability, not to mention the duty cycle of the Miller is half that of the Forcecut.

One of Longevity’s priorities with this model was to make it extremely portable.  Coming in at 53lbs it’s not going to win any bikini awards, but it offers it’s full power output on 220V single phase power.  This can be a big cost saver if you haven’t already added 3 phase to your shop.

The 62i is designed to work with just about any air compressor.  It can functions as low as 45PSI, although keeping a minimum of 65PSI seemed to offer better results.

For even more portability check out these models with built-in air compressors.

Controls and Operation

forcecut 62i front panel controls

The front panel of the 62i is simple.  Amperage is controlled with a rheostat dial.  The settings are anywhere between 20-60Amps.  The dial itself is a nice size, easy to adjust even when wearing gloves.

There’s a light for power, air pressure, pilot/voltage, and temperature.  The temperature light only comes on when the duty cycle has been maxed out.  Once it goes out, you’re ready to roll again.

The connections for the torch, ground cable, and CNC control are all located on the front of the machine.  All the connections are very intuitive and secure. 

The main power switch and the air connect are located on the back of the machine.  Once the air connection is threaded on and with the air switch on the front of the unit on “SET”, adjust the valve to your desired pressure. Once you’ve got the pressure set where you want it, flip the air switch on the front of the unit to “RUN”.

As with most late model plasma cutters the Longevity utilizes a Pilot arc system that automatically senses a loss of voltage and refires the torch without the operator having to do anything.  This comes in handy when working with rusted metals, painted material, or even chain link fences.

Most plasma cutting systems require a separate air filtration system, but the Forcecut 62i has one built in to the chassis.  Simply connect your air supply and you’re ready to go.


  • Tons of power
  • 95% Duty Cycle!
  • On-board air filtration system
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Heavy at 53lbs

What it Comes With

Included with the Forcecut 62i are a 20ft PT-60 torch, a ground clamp and two sets of consumables. 

As far as consumables go their pretty much in line with other manufacturers parts.  One complete set on Longevity’s website runs about $58.79.

Final Thoughts

The Forcecut 62i offers a ton of power and a great deal of portability.  It can easily cut through 1″ material while running on 220V single phase and offers an insane duty cycle of 95%.  The price tag is considerably less than products that come anywhere near it’s performance.

If you’re looking for portable power or even just a beast of a plasma cutting system for your shop bench, the Longevity is definitely worth a look.

Looking for a cheaper and more portable option?  Check out this model from Lotos.

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