Review: The Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

Are you in the market for a sturdy sewing machine that is both easy to use and works on a wide variety of fabrics?  The Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty sewing machine might be right up your alley.

This is NOT a fancy computerized sewing machine.  The HD in the model stands for "Heavy Duty" and that is exactly what this machine is built for. 

It offers simple operation, consistent performance, and the power to handle just about any type of fabric without having to worry about skipped stitches or bunching.  It's one of the few machines still being produced for home use to incorporate an all-metal chassis. 

Who Is It For?

The HD1000 is a great beginners machine as it offers only the most important basic controls.  In fact the machine more closely resembles models produced in the 1970s than the machines of today with their plastic chassis, numerous buttons, and LCD displays.

But this is perfect for someone who is just getting started with sewing.

If you're looking for machines with more stitching options check out our sewing machine buyers guide here.  We've also reviewed the HD3000 here and the 8900QCP from Janome.

What it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for with it's heavy duty aluminum body that is designed for durability.  Thanks to it's 1.0 amp motor it has the power and functionality to allow a newbie to grow into it as their skills and confidence increases.  And the heavy duty aluminum body is designed to last multiple generations, allowing you to easily sell it or pass it on to another who is getting into sewing.null

The HD1000 is also a great machine for experienced seamstresses who are looking for a machine that can reliably produce high quality stitches.  Bells and whistles are great, but sometimes you just need a machine that you can depend on day-in and day-out.  And that is exactly what this machine was designed for.

Our Janome HD1000 Review

Let's take a look at some of the features offered on the HD1000.  As we mentioned towards the top the unit has the look of a much older sewing machine.  The controls consist of a stitch selector knob, a stitch length adjustment knob, and a reverse switch.  A diagram of the various stitches available runs across the top of the machine.

There is also a built-in needle threader, a thread cutter, and a tension adjustment dial.  In addition you also get:

  • 14 stitches
  • 1 four-step buttonhole
  • free arm
  • push-pull bobbin winding
  • snap on presser feet
  • drop feed
  • lay-in manual tension control
  • front loading hook bobbin
  • 5mm max stitch width
  • 4mm max stitch length

What Does it Come With?

The HD1000 ships with quite a few accessories including bobbins, felt, extra needles, two screwdrivers (for servicing the machine), a seam ripper & buttonhole ripper, a zipper foot, hemmer foot, buttonhole foot, a hem guide, and a soft dust cover.

Using the HD1000

Selecting the stitch you want is as simple as turning the dial to the proper setting.  While this machine doesn't offer as many stitches as other units in it's price range the quality of the stitches is excellent.

Winding the bobbin requires your to disengage the needle.  This is done by turning the stop motion wheel (which is located inside the hand wheel) one half turn.  To re-engage the needle simply return the stop-motion wheel back to it's original position.

To the right of the race hook you'll find a lever that controls the drop feed.  This is a very convenient location, much more so than on the back of the free arm which can be difficult to reach.

While most sewing machines are threaded from the right to the left, the Janome HD1000 is the opposite.  Those who have been sewing for a long time will find the process of threading this machine reminiscent of working with older machines.  This isn't to knock the Janome.  There's just little reason to change something that already works well.

Even if you're used to working with newer machines you'll quickly adjust to winding the bobbin and threading this machine.  It's not complicated, just different.

For those working with the work table in place it can be a bit of a hassle getting to the front loading bobbin.  It requires that you remove the work table and open the bobbin door to get to the drop feed control. This is not uncommon among machines in this price range, but a minor hassle nonetheless.


  • Lots of power
  • Simple operation
  • Highly durable all-metal chassis
  • Free arm
  • 3 piece feed dog provides smooth fabric feed


  • Bit of a hassle to adjust drop feed
  • those used to working with newer machines will have to adjust to threading this guy

The free arm makes it easy to work on cuffs, collars, and pants.  This is great for making or repairing yours and your family's clothing. 

Key Specs & Warranty

Janome offers a limited 25 year warranty on the HD1000.  Here are the specifics from the warranty card included with the unit.

Motor Size:  1.0Amp
Hook type:  Front Loading Verticle Oscilating Hook Bobbin
Thread Tension Control:  Manual
Max Stitch Width:  5mm
Bobbin Winding:  Push-pull
Number of Stitches:  14
Number of Buttonholes:  1
Needle Threader:  Built-in
Free Arm:  Yes
Drop Feed:  Yes
Size:  W 15.6" x H 12.4" x D 6.3"
Weight:  16.8lbs
Download Manual

Janome America, Inc. warrants this Product for a period of twenty-five (25) years fromthe date of original purchase against defective materials and/or workmanship, excluding (I) electroniccomponent parts (including but not limited to circuit boards, step motors and all other electronic andnon-electronic pattern control units), which are warranted for a period of five (5) years from the date ofpurchase, and (II) labor, which shall beprovided for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchasefree of charge.

Following a lapse of one (1) year from the original purchase date your Authorized JanomeDealer or Janome Authorized Service Center can provide parts and/or labor at an additional cost to you.

As stated above, this warranty is in respect of normal household use of the Product. Machines usedcommercially are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase in respect of parts and service

Maintenance and Upkeep

As with any sewing machine you'll need to perform some standard maintenance with the HD1000.  Due to it's all metal design and solid construction this actually amounts to very little.  You'll want to clean the race hook and feed dogs after each use.  This will help keep your fabric movement smooth.

You'll want to wipe the head with a damp cloth whenever needed.  The same goes for lubricating the machine.   When you notice the operation isn't as smooth apply lubrication per the instructions in the user manual. 

Final Thoughts

The HD1000 from Janome is designed to be a workhorse. It's got the power to sew just about any type of fabric.  It's all metal construction is built to last.  Sure it doesn't offer as many bells and whistles as many of the machines out there, but that's not what it's designed to do.  It's meant to be a reliable machine that does a few things very well. 

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