Best Instagram Spy Apps for 2021

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In this article I’ll be comparing the 5 best Instagram spy apps.

Spying apps are cell phone surveillance apps that allow you to monitor the activity of someone else’s phone remotely. They allow you to see location data, phone calls, web history, texts, their activity in social media apps and more.

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5 Best Instagram Spy Apps 2021

Below is my list of the best spying apps for Instagram.

1. uMobix

umobix logo

Our TOP spy tool for Instagram is uMobix.

Parents or partners who wish to do some tracking can rely on uMobix. It is the best for a number of reasons.

For one – you will be able to track most activities of your children and partner – online and offline without needing to root (Android) or jailbreak (iOS) the device.

You can see call logs, SMS, GPS, photos and videos gallery, downloaded apps, even internet activities.

As for Instagram, it does not only give you access to direct messages, followers, and profile details of the Instagram account, you’ll also get screenshots of your partner or kids’ tracks EVERY 5 MINUTES!

That means you can even monitor liked posts, videos, and shared links.

Compatible with: iPhone iOS and Android 4 or higher devices

My Favorite Feature:

It has multiple features you need in an Instagram spy app.

Any “Instagram spy” will love it because you can track activities and monitor time spent using the cell phone. This is highly useful, especially for parents as you will be able to check and control your kid’s screen time.

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2. mSpy

mSpy logo

If you want to be the next best spy on Instagram, the second spying tool you should check out is mSpy.

Since its launch, this spying app has gained traction and trust in the community as it has access to most mobile apps, such as SMS and GPS, downloaded apps – including Instagram.

mSpy is our top recommendation for parents or partners who want to track messages on the target cell phone.

For Instagram, you will be able to see in the control panel all direct messages, profile, and followers of your children or spouse.

Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

Our Favorite Feature

Easy installation process!!! To get this up and working, you won’t have to jailbreak or root the device to use the application.

Weakest Feature

It has limited spying features. For Instagram, you would only be able to see messages but not track each movement made in the app, such as real-time activities and viewed photos/videos.

3. Spyic

spyic logo

This phone spy app has mastered stealth mode.

If you want to track on an Apple device, you can track this WITHOUT even installing anything on the phone. As for Android users, the app VANISHES after it gets downloaded.

You won’t also have any trace of the monitoring app as you can access the control panel via web browser.

You simply have to log in – like you do in most accounts and ta-da! You have a full monitoring view in the target device.

You will be able to monitor direct messages from followers and requests in the Instagram account in real-time, or you can also opt to record them for viewing later.

Aside from Instagram, users also can track interactions with people on other social media platforms – such as Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, as well as Viber.

Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

Our Favorite Feature

Spyic has learned all tricks in being incognito. An Instagram spy will be able to track without leaving any tracks in the target device or your phone.

Weakest Feature

One thing Spyic doesn’t have is their customer support team. If you browse legit reviews from users of the app, Spyic didn’t receive high ratings when it comes to the quality of their support team.

4. FlexiSpy

Our fourth option for spying software is FlexiSpy.

We like this app because it can record Instagram direct messages, followers, activity, and engagements.

You will be able to spy on Instagram messages from both parties – incoming and outgoing DMs. And here’s the sneaky part: it can store messages of your children on Instagram which you can read later.

This app can also keep a log of the content of the phone – text messages, photos, videos, and calls, even those made on social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Viber.

If you prefer to view your child’s activities elsewhere, FlexiSpy has just the thing. The control panel is also accessible using a web browser – which adds to the stealth factor of FlexiSpy.

Compatible with: iPhone iOS 6.0 and up, Android versions 4 and up, as well as Microsoft Windows 7 and up, and Apple macOS (Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina)

Our Favorite Feature

Effective recording and storing of data! You can view engagements on Instagram when convenient for you.

Weakest Feature

The app cannot track time spent on Instagram or social media. Tracking doesn’t record screen time using the app.

The Instagram spy features are only available in the Premium and Extreme plan. You would have to upgrade to be able to access more apps.

5. Nexspy

Nexspy is the last but definitely not the least Instagram spy app on our list.

It’s arguably the best Instagram spy tool and a reliable option for those who want to monitor and manage their child, partner, or employee including the things they do on Instagram.

In addition to Instagram messages, you’ll be able to see the list of followers, posted and liked photos, including videos on Instagram with Nexspy.

You will also be able to check your kids’ or partner’s profile details, recent activity, and total screen time.

Now, what if you’re the forgetful type? Chill. Because Nexspy’s got a handy feature!

Nexspy allows you to set a reminder or notification from certain people who the account often interacts with.

One more thing – if you want to spy on Instagram AND other social media platforms, Nexspy has access to other spying features as well, such as text messages, GPS logs, Viber, Whatsapp, as well as call history!

Compatible with: iPhone iOS 8 and up and Android 

Our Favorite Feature

Quick installation and excellent customer service team. Moreover, if you have any issues or questions, the knowledgeable Nexspy support team is just a call away!

Weakest Feature

The basic features of Nexspy can work on mobile devices without the need for root or jailbreak. However, more advanced features for Instagram spying would require FULL accessibility.

Who Needs Instagram Spying Applications?

There have been questions about whether or not Instagram should be tracked or not.

These spying softwares are designed NOT for hackers or individuals with malicious intent. They have 3 primary users:


For parents who want to spy on Instagram to protect their child from risks found online, an Instagram spy app is a reliable solution.

Parents can use an Instagram spy app to:

Monitoring Screen Time

Parents will be able to quantify how much time their teenagers spend on Instagram. There are multiple methods for parents who want to limit screen time. Cell phone monitoring apps can be a useful tool for this.

Safety From Harmful Websites or Strangers

Instagram can only filter so much. However, the RISKS of sexual content from predators or from someone with indecent intent are hard to track.

Thus, these spying apps can give parents peace of mind as they will be able to see and limit if their kids are engaged in questionable engagements.

Avoid Bullying

Instagram may be a platform for individuality but it cannot remove haters or bullies in the social media platform.

Teenagers and kids who have access to Instagram are exposed to risks of bullying. Being able to see messages and Instagram activities will help parents protect their kids from online bullying.


Another group that can use Instagram spy apps are employers. For those who have company-provided cell phones, they can install these to monitor the movement in the social media platform.


For employees who have Instagram on their device, employers can monitor if employees spend TOO much time on social media platforms, especially during work hours.

Data Protection

Instagram can also be a medium to leak information.

With real-time stories and direct messaging features, an employee can easily snap a photo of an upcoming project or confidential information and leak it to third parties or to the public.

Having an Instagram spy app can keep company files safe and confidential.


Lastly, individuals in a relationship may opt to install an Instagram spy app on their partner’s phone.

Activity and Trust Issues

Instagram has about 1 billion active users and it’s easy to connect with other people, no matter where they are.

For those who are in doubt of their partner’s loyalty or activities online, you can install an Instagram spy app to put your mind at ease.

How Do You Install Instagram Spy Apps?

All the Instagram spying apps listed above have an easy installation process.

You can choose from their plans and options available. Once you have created an account it will prompt you to connect it to the target phone.

iPhone or iOS Users*

Normally, you can start tracking Instagram movements just by getting your iPhone’s Apple IMEI/MEID or serial number.

In some apps, you need the Apple ID and password. You can do this remotely, meaning you don’t necessarily have to touch the iPhone to install, especially if you have all these details!

Android Users*

You need to download the Instagram monitoring apps manually on the Android device.

However, the good thing is – it only takes MINUTES to fully download the app for Android users. Plus it disappears on the screen once successfully activated!

*Procedure differs from one spy app to another. Best to check with the chosen spy app

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Instagram Spy App?

An Instagram spy app helps the tracker (i.e. parent, partner, or employer) monitor the target device for a number of reasons.

A monitoring app ensures safety and helps filter the content that an Instagram user sees and interacts with while using the app.

How Does an Instagram Spy App Work?

Once downloaded and successfully activated, the Instagram spy app will give you access to important activities of your children on Instagram.

Usually, you will be able to see Instagram direct messages.

Advanced features will be able to track real-time activities and total screen time.

Moreover, you can do all this without leaving any traces of the Instagram spy app on the device!

What Can I Track on Instagram?

Instagram monitoring app features are designed to give the tracker peace of mind. Once linked, the control panel will show Instagram direct messages and activities.

You’ll be able to see the account’s photos and videos, followers, plus shared links your children interact with.

In this way, you can protect your employee or loved ones from scams, predators, phishing content, or when someone sends malicious links or posts.

Is There a Free Instagram Spy App?

There are a limited number of Instagram spy apps in the market.

A free Instagram spy app will most likely have a trial period or can only give you screenshots of the account.

If you want an app that will give you access to the DMs, activity, followers, and shared links of your children, you need to upgrade to premium.

Spying Apps: Verdict

That ends our list of best Instagram spy apps!

These apps are effective in monitoring and tracking Instagram accounts located in the target phone.

The spying features will be able to give you visibility to Instagram messages sent privately that can be a source of trouble or issues.

You can now spy on Instagram – safely and discreetly!

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