How to Track Someone on Google Maps WITHOUT Them Knowing

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If you need to track someone’s location Google Maps can be an easy (and FREE) way to do so.

In this article I’ll show you EXACTLY how you can use Google Maps to track someone’s phone location without them knowing.

Read on to find out how you can start tracking someone.

How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

The free way to track someone’s location on Google Maps without them knowing is to use location sharing.

  1. From their phone you will need to enable location sharing.
  2. Then send a tracking link to your phone.

Unfortunately, this method requires you to have access to their phone and their passcode.

The second way of tracking someone’s phone without them knowing is to use a spy app.

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**Update**: A third method to track someone’s phone is to use a location tracking website like Simply enter the person’s phone number and it will give you their current location whenever you need it.

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How to Find Someone’s Location on Google Maps

If you need to find someone’s location, the Google Maps app is one solution.

This, along with some messaging application options will allow you to find the location of someone, even without their knowledge.

Unfortunately using the Google Maps method requires that you have access to their phone before you can track it.

The following two methods (Maps and WhatsApp) are best used for tracking a person once in a while. If you need something to regularly trace a person’s location, skip ahead to the next section.

The Google Maps app usually comes installed on every smartphone on the market. And it’s free.

Everyone knows that Google Maps can be used to navigate or to avoid traffic.

But did you know you can use Google Maps to track someone ‘s location as well?

How to Set Up Location Tracking on Google Maps

  1. Ensure location services are enabled on the device you plan to track.
  2. Open the Google Maps icon on the device you wish to track (also called the target device).
  3. Tap on the hamburger icon that can be found at the top left of the screen.
  4. Look at the options available, then tap on the location sharing icon.
  5. Click on GET STARTED on the target device to prepare it for phone tracking.
  6. Choose the time for which you want to track the target device ‘s location. To adjust it, you can tap on the plus or minus icon to increase or depress the time you want to keep location sharing on.
  7. And if you do not want to have any time barriers to tracking the target device, you can tap until you turn this off option. However, note that once you select this, other apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, email, etc. will disappear. When this happens, you can only trace the location of the target device through a link that will be sent via message.

Option 1: Sharing Location by Sending A Link

  1. Once you select your contact from the target device, a pop-up might appear, stating that the contact is not connected to the google account. Just tap on OK and you will be able to proceed.
  2. Just tap on Send to forward the prepared link from the messaging app to yourself.
  3. Use this link sent from the target device and tracking the target device using google maps becomes straightforward from there on out.

Option 2: Sharing the Location from Inside the Maps Application

  1. You can also send the location from right inside Google Map, which will forward a notification to your phone from the target device.
  2. After tapping this notification, the Maps app will automatically open and show you the location of the cell phones you set it up on.
  3. By tapping the Directions option, you can easily get directions to head to their location as well.

Location Tracking Through WhatsApp

Besides just the Maps app, you can also use other apps, such as WhatsApp to track someone ‘s location.

  1. Open the WhatsApp account on the device you want to track the location of, then open your chat with that person.
  2. Tap on the attach icon at the bottom, then choose the Location option.
  3. Next, tap on the Share Live Location option. Ensure you do not tap on “send current location” instead, otherwise you will only see the location of that phone at that specific time.
  4. Select the time for which you want to track someone and tap on the send icon.
  5. Got to your own cell phone and open your chat with the device on which you set up location sharing.
  6. Tap on view live location in the location message that you sent to your own phone.
  7. Tap on their profile icon on the map.
  8. Then select GET DIRECTIONS.
  9. Choose the Maps app to open the location sharing on the said app. And if you want to open it through another app option, you can choose that instead.
  10. Finally, you can now see the current location and track someone with ease!

How to Track Someone’s Phone Location Without Them Knowing

The easiest way to track someone’s location is to use a cell phone monitoring app. These apps use GPS technology to triangulate the exact location of a smartphone.

using an app to secretly track husband's phone

These apps are ideal for parents with young kids or teenagers. They also work well for businesses with employees or drivers that need to be monitored.

This can also be handy when you and your loved ones are traveling abroad, just to make sure they don’t get lost. Maybe you need to meet up with a friend and you both need a way to conveniently know each other’s location.

And in case you misplace your phone or want a back-up plan if it gets lost, you can also set up a way to trace your device’s location.

In this section I’ll show you how to track a phone without them knowing.

In that case, location tracking using Google Maps or any other application is an essential skill you need to know how to use.

Track Your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

As a parent, you know that your kids may not want to share their location with you. But tracking someone’s phone without them knowing is actually very easy.

To do that, you only have to delete the link message that you sent to your device from Google Maps on your child’s phone.

Deleting this link will not disrupt the one that you sent to your phone.

For WhatsApp, your option is the same. Long-press the message you sent to yourself, tap on the delete icon, then select delete for me.

Ensure you do not click on delete for everyone by mistake, otherwise, it will also erase the location sharing message you sent to yourself!

How to Stop Tracking Someone

Now that you no longer have to track someone, how do you stop what you started?

On Google Maps

Go to Google Maps on the intended device.

Tap on the Hamburger icon and select Location Sharing.

When you see your name of the receiving device, tap on the cross icon at the bottom right side. Now location sharing has been disabled and the link will stop working.

On WhatsApp

If you chose to track someone using WhatsApp, you can easily disable it by tapping on Stop Sharing.

How to Regularly Track A Person

As we have mentioned, Google Maps and WhatsApp allow you to track a person once in a while. But if you need to keep a regular eye on your loved ones, there is only one way for you.

Monitoring someone’s phone usually requires you to install and authorize the applications on both the target device and receiving device. However, there are some apps that allow you to spy on a phone without installing software on the target device.

Note that these apps require payment, including a regular subscription fee to access the data that is stored on their cloud. However, for what you get, this is a small investment.

Not only will these apps let you keep track of a person ‘s device 24/7, but it will also allow you to check their location history.

A lot also have services that will let you access their photos or files. The specifics and features will depend on the particular app and subscription you have chosen.

Many also offer a feature called Geofencing, which allows you to set an artificial fence around a particular area, such as your house.

If the location of the person you are tracking goes beyond that area, you will immediately get a notification.

These advanced features are not available on Google Maps.

We must remind you that you need the consent of adults when using spy apps on them. For children, parents can monitor their cellphones without restrictions.

An example of this is the Find My Kids app, which purely uses GPS tracking to record and automatically locate your child and their cellphone or smartwatch.

Find My Kids will then send you notifications whenever your child leaves a certain place, like your house or their school, or if their battery is running low.

It also has an SOS feature they can press, among others.

Just A Warning

Before you go ahead and start doing all of these, there is something you need to know.

There are many laws in place prohibiting location tracing, even when it is just through Google Maps. As a parent, you are able to track your child’s location as long as they are not of legal age.

Required Permission


While we have shown you how easy it can be to track the location of a person through their cellphone, it is not always legal to dose.

Generally, unless you are part of some kind of law enforcement agency and have a valid warrant to do so, you cannot engage in this kind of activity.

For adults, you will need to get their consent to keep track of their location, whether through Google Maps, WhatsApp, or any other service.

This requirement applies to employers looking to track their employees’ devices, as well as family members and friends.

Doing this without or against their consent can result in legal consequences, including criminal penalties.


If you plan to use a spy app that offers other features, such as call logs and access to the files in a given device, you should remember that it is illegal to record a conversation without the consent of all persons involved in that particular call.

This is why, whenever you call a customer service line, they inform you that your call may be recorded for quality assurance or any other purpose.

By staying on the call, you agree to let yourself and your conversation be legally recorded.

Just like we mentioned earlier, only a law enforcement agency with a valid warrant can do this.


Is There a Google Maps Phone Tracker?

Google offers the “Google Find My Device” app in their play store. This app can help you locate your phone or someone else’s phone.

How do I track someone using their cell number on Google Maps?

The only way to track someone on Google Maps is through location sharing. You would first need to access their phone. Then you must send a location sharing link to your phone from the target phone.

It is possible to track someone’s location using just their phone number. There are many services like that allow you to do exactly this.

How can I track my car with Google Maps?

It is possible to track your car using Google Maps if you leave a cell phone in your car. Before you can do this you’ll need to enable location sharing on your phone.

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