How to Track a Phone’s Location without Them Knowing

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It is easy to track someone’s cell phone location without them knowing using GPS location tracking technology. In this article you will learn how to use built-in FREE apps to track a phone. You will also learn about paid software to track any iOS or Android smartphone.

Track a Cell Phone Without The Person Knowing

All smartphones have built-in GPS tracking technology. This technology allows us to use apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps.

This same technology can be used to secretly track the location of a target device without the owner knowing.

To track a cell phone without someone knowing you will need to use an app or tracking software.

The method for tracking a phone differs based on the phone’s operating system.

Tracking an Apple iPhone requires a tracking app. To use a tracking app on an iPhone you will need to know the users iCloud account information. This includes their username and password. This method DOES NOT require physical access to their iPhone.

Tracking an Android phone also requires a tracking app. To use an Android tracker app you WILL need physical access to the phone.

Track Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why you might need to track the location of your husband or wife’s phone. You might need to find each at a crowded event. One of you might have gotten lost. Your spouse might have lost their phone.

Regardless of your situation, there is a solution for finding their location.

Track Your Spouse’s iPhone with Family Sharing (FREE)

If you and your spouse use iPhones or iOS devices, you can quickly setup the Find My app to share your phone location details with each other. This method requires you to have physical access and the passcode to your spouse’s phone.

The Apple Family Organizer allows you to setup location tracking under the “Family Sharing” settings. Family Sharing allows you view the GPS location of each device.

Once Family Sharing is on, you can find your spouse’s location using the “Find My” feature.

Below are the steps to setup location sharing on your and your spouse’s phones.

  1. From YOUR PHONE open the Settings App, then click on Privacy
  2. Tap on Location Services, and select “Share My Location
  3. Under Family, Click on the family members name
  4. Then click “Share My Location
  5. The user will then get the message “XYZ started sharing location with you. Do you want to share yours?
  6. From YOUR SPOUSE’S PHONE, tap the message.
  7. Then tap “Share Indefinitely

Just keep in mind that location services must be enabled on all the iOS devices for this Find My services to work properly. If they disable this setting you will no longer be able to see the GPS location of their iPhone.

Using A Tracking App to Track Your Spouse’s iPhone

A Cell Phone Tracking App is a reliable way to track your husband’s, wife’s, or partner’s iPhone. This method does NOT require you to have access to their phone.

Here are the steps to track your partner’s iPhone without their knowledge.

  1. Sign up for a cell phone tracker app (uMobix is one of my favorites)
  2. Log into your uMobix account
  3. Enter the iCloud credentials (username and password) of the target phone
  4. Enter the 2F authentication code that is sent to the device (this can be intercepted by logging into a different device with their username and password)
  5. Go to you uMobix dashboard to see the GPS location of their phone.

Track Your Spouse’s Android Phone for FREE

The best way to track your spouse’s Android cell phone location for FREE is to use the Google Maps app. For more information check out my post on secretly tracking a phone with Google Maps.

Use a Tracking App to Track Your Spouse’s Android Phone

The most reliable way to track your spouse’s Android phone without them knowing is to use a spy app. Android spy apps or tracking apps must be installed on the phone itself. This means you will need a few minutes of access to the target Android device.

Phone tracking apps operate in stealth mode once they are installed.

Here are the steps for installing a tracking app on your spouse’s phone.

  1. Download the tracker app to the target phone (uMobix is my favorite)
  2. Update the security settings of the phone using the instructions included with your purchase
  3. Open your control panel to view the data from the target phone.

Read more about my favorite Android spying apps here.

Track Your Spouse’s Android or iPhone Location by Number

A location tracking service like allows you to track your husband’s or wife’s phone using their cell phone number.

Here are the steps needed to start tracking.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the phone number of the device you want to track
  3. Sign up for an account and make your payment
  4. Once the phone’s location is determined you will be notified and can view it on a map.

Track Your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Your children may not want to share their location with you. But tracking your kid’s phone without them knowing is very easy.

There are several ways to do this. You can setup location sharing on their device and track their phone with Google Maps. This method requires you to setup location sharing on their phone.

You can also use a phone tracking app. These apps are installed on the phone itself, or can use their iCloud account (if they use an iPhone).

Either method allows you to see your child’s GPS location whenever you need it.

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