How to Spy on Someone’s FaceTime Calls

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Do you need to monitor someone’s FaceTime usage?

In this post I’ll show you how you can hack into someone’s FaceTime and spy on other information from their iPhone.

There are a couple methods, but only one of them is reliable. It requires paying for an app, but unless you’re a hacker, it’s really the only way to go.

Using Spy Software to Spy on FaceTime Calls

Using special software to spy on the FaceTime app can breach the two most important things in your life: Your loved ones and your assets.

Using an app like uMobix or SpyIC will not only monitor FaceTime calls but track activity on other popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

Users simply need to purchase the app and install the app on the device they want to monitor (ex. Apple iPad). Incoming calls, messages, websites visited, and even GPS locations can now be monitored.

Many of these spy software apps can also remotely control devices and do the following:

  • Block an app they don’t want the target user to access (ex. FaceTime calls)
  • Implement scheduled screen time limits to reduce use time on the device
  • Take photos and screenshots
  • Hear phone surroundings through secret calls
  • See target user’s keystrokes when messaging

The uMobix and SpyIC apps can be used both on Android and iPhone units, with installation being the only difference between the two.

Here is some more on my favorite monitoring apps for iPhone.

Spying on FaceTime Video Without Using an App

You can also spy on FaceTime calls using an app that’s already available on your iPad or Macbook: QuickTime. Here’s one way how to do it:

1. Open QuickTime from Applications.

2. Select File and start a New Screen Recording.

3. Select the arrow labeled Options next to the record button.

4. Select MacBook Microphone.

5. Open FaceTime to set up your FaceTime calls.

6. Click the Record button when ready to start FaceTime calls.

7. When FaceTime calls are over, click Stop Recording button.

8. Save the file in the Menu bar of QuickTime. Choose where to save.

Who Are the Most Vulnerable to FaceTime Technology?

Understanding how a well-meaning app like FaceTime can become a threat is best explained by looking at which users are the most vulnerable: Unsuspecting children and employees.


No matter how much a parent wants to protect their children, technology and the internet are spaces that cannot be controlled all the time.

According to experts, several online predators continue to use FaceTime calls as a platform to lure unsuspecting children into sharing photos, passwords, and other private information online.

As more children log onto the internet, more predators posing as same-age youths pop up on apps like FaceTime to take advantage of children and their increased online activity.


While employees are certainly more aware than children, cyberattacks through phishing and malware are not unheard of.

Having unregulated devices makes it easy for employees to take advantage of FaceTime and other similar call and messaging apps.

Employers have no control over who employees are talking to through FaceTime calls using company-issued devices, or if they’re passing critical information to a competitor over a call.

Turning the Tables: How to Protect Your FaceTime Calls from Hacks

Spying on your children and employees’ FaceTime calls is one thing, but being spied on through your own FaceTime app is another.

Here’s how to ensure your FaceTime calls on your iPad or other Mac devices aren’t getting hacked.

Turning FaceTime Off on Your iPhone

1. Go to Settings and select FaceTime.

2. Switch toggle to gray.

Turning FaceTime Off on MacOS

1. Open the FaceTime call app.

2. Click FaceTime under Menu.

3. Select “Turn FaceTime Off”.

Now you can be sure that your FaceTime calls aren’t getting hacked and that people can’t access your video to spy on your surroundings.

It’s Not Just FaceTime

Using a spyware app is useful since you can see all activity made on other apps besides FaceTime- not just a FaceTime call.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to be a parent or business owner to make privacy and safety your top priorities. Protect all parties involved including yourself!

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