How to See Other People’s Snapchat History & Who They’re Snapping

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Worried about who your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even your kids might be sending messages or pictures to on Snapchat?

I’ve been there.

Keep reading to learn how to see other people’s Snapchat history, see who they’re snapping, read their conversations, and see their pictures and videos.

The folks at Snapchat designed the perfect sneaky messaging app where messages, pictures, and videos are temporary, leaving no trail of evidence of wrongdoing.

This makes it ideal for people to abuse it for all sorts of reasons.

This is one of the reasons why Snapchat has become one of the most popular messaging (and sexting) apps among teens and young adults.

But there is a simple way to see other people’s Snapchat history and conversations.

How to See Other People’s Snapchat History

‚ÄčThere are a couple ways for you to see someone’s Snapchat history.

The most straightforward is to get your hands on your phone and look in the app itself.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option.

But there is another way to access someone’s Snapchat history and quickly see who they’re Snapping so you can find out for sure what’s going on.

For Androids

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  • no more secrets – see their Snapchat history without them knowing
  • get peace of mind – see all their chats
  • user friendly – simple install, no root required
  • Live Phone Support – great for non-tech people
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For iPhones

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  • no more secrets – see Snaps and MUCH more.
  • view Snaphchat history & conversations
  • helpful support to get you going quickly
  • works on most iPhones
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Spying On Your Partner’s Snapchat Conversations

wife snapchatting with someone on her phone

While no one wants install surveillance software on their partner’s mobile phone, some people just can’t be trusted.

I get emails all the time asking:

  • how can I hack my boyfriend or husband’s Snapchat?
  • how can I monitor my wife or girlfriends Snapchat history?
  • how to see who someone is Snapping?

In these situations being able to see people’s Snapchat allows you to protect yourself. 

If you need to view your wife or husbands Snapchat history you can accomplish this with a cell phone spy app.

The beauty of these apps is that you don’t even need to hack their Snapchat password. 

Once the spy app is installed on the target device you’ll be able to quickly see all of their messages by from an online control panel.

Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing

a child using Snapchat to message someone

As a parent, having a reliable Snapchat hack means you can see who they’re Snapchatting. 

If your children are using Snapchat, not only could they be exchanging messages, photos, and videos with friends, but they are also potentially exposed to OTHER users including online predators. 

The minimum age to get a Snapchat account is 13, but simply entering a fake date of birth is enough to circumvent this restriction.

This means kids of any age might be exposed to adult content, predators, and worse. 

What Will You Need to Get Started?

There are a handful of Snapchat spy apps that allow you to monitor your child’s phone and see who they message with.

By far my favorite is uMobix.  

It allows you to discretely monitor their phone without them knowing.  And you can get a special price on it here.

You can also see their pictures, videos, Facebook and Instagram messages, and even read their text messages without them knowing.  

You’ll even be able to see deleted Snapchat messages.  This allows you to protect your child from the dangers of using Snapchat.

Best Snapchat Spying Apps

The easiest and most reliable way to see someone’s Snaps and conversation history is to use an app to spy on Snapchat. Below is my list of the best Snapchat spy apps:

The vast majority of phones on the market are either iPhones (and iOS devices) or Androids. The security on iPhones and Androids are very different, so you’ll need a different app depending on the type of phone you want to monitor.

Regardless of which type of phone they have, the app operates in stealth mode.  The app icon is hidden so the user will never see it.

After you’ve signed up you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions for installing the app.

Want more information? Check out some of my favorite spying apps for Android phones

Best Snapchat Spy app for Android Phones

  • no more secrets – see Snaps without them knowing
  • get peace of mind – see conversations & history
  • user friendly – simple install, no root or jailbreak required
  • Live Phone Support – great for non-tech people
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If you need to spy on Snapchat and your target uses an Android phone, the uMobix spy application is the best choice.

Most Snapchat apps require you to use a keylogger on Android devices.  The keylogger feature records every keystroke that is made on the target phone.  This information is stored in your control panel.

uMobix allows you to see Snapchat natively. What does this mean?

In addition to being able to see their Snapchat conversations you’ll be able to see WHO they are Snapping, their videos, and images from their account.

You’ll also be able to see nearly everything else that happens on their phone including spying on Facebook messenger, Instagram, Skype, Whatsapp spy capabilities, and more.

uMobix is the best spy tool for social media apps, GPS tracking, viewing multimedia files, and email monitoring. The installation process is simple and they back it up with the best customer service in the industry. No other Snapchat spy tool offers LIVE customer support.

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Best Snapchat Spy App for iPhones

mSpy logo
  • total access – see Snaps without them knowing
  • get peace of mind – see conversations & history
  • Helpful Support – they handle the installation for you

If you need to spy on Snapchat and the person has an iPhone, mSpy is the best solution.

The iOS operating system uses powerful security, so monitoring Snapchat on an iPhone requires a bit more work. You will need to jailbreak the iPhone before you can install a spy app that will allow you to monitor Snapchat.

The best Snapchat spy app for iPhones is mSpy. Their phone monitoring app allows you to see everything that is happening on their phone.

This includes social media messages, location tracking, phone call logs and more.

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You can also read my detailed mSpy review here.

Monitoring Snapchat To Track Conversations

If you trust your children to behave, by all means allow them to use the app.  If you don’t, you’ll want a way to monitor their communications with friends and others.  This can be accomplished by installing a phone tracking app on the target device.  

If you want to keep tabs on your child’s chat app usage it’s helpful to sit down with them and discuss the ramifications of using a social media app like Snapchat. 

As much as you can, impress upon their young minds the dangers and potential embarrassment of posting pictures or videos of themselves online.  While it may seem like fun and games, people truly do get hurt.

If you’re looking to monitor your significant other’s phone you’ll most likely just need to secretly install the app. 

Catching a Cheater on Snapchat

If you suspect your partner, spouse, or loved one of cheating you should check out this handy guide if you suspect your partner of Snapchat cheating.

Cell phone monitoring apps can be installed directly onto your partner’s iPhone or Android device.  

They allow you FULL access to almost everything that happens on the target device including all text messaging, phone calls, pictures, social networks, web browser history and more.  

Some of the more powerful apps like FlexiSpy even allow you to directly listen in to calls and record them.

Another popular option is mSpy.  While it’s more expensive than uMobix, it’s still one of the best selling solutions out there.  

Can You Hack a Phone to Track Snapchat?

You can absolutely hack into someone’s phone to monitor all of their social media messages, including Snapchat. 

You can also monitor their device to keep tabs on their location data.  We go into further detail about tracking a phone without the user knowing in this article.

Regardless of whether you trust your child or not, it’s important to at least have the discussion with them about the potential dangers of using apps like Snapchat. 

You could be saving your child and yourself a great deal of grief and embarrassment.

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