How to Find Hidden Cydia on Your iPhone

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Worried that someone might be spying on your iPhone?

Not to worry.

Finding the Cydia App on your iPhone only takes a few swipes and taps.

What is Cydia?

cydia app icon on iPhone

Cydia is a tool for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. It allows users to find and install software not authorized by Apple onto their device. To use Cydia the user is first required to jailbreak their device.

Cydia also refers to a platform for distributing software on Apple’s iOS operating system that is accessed through Cydia software.

But most people have heard of Cydia because it is used to install spy apps on iPhones.

Finding Hidden Cydia on Your iPhone

Here’s everything you need to find the Cydia app on your iPhone:

Step 1: First, look for the SB Settings app icon. If you can’t find it, it’s nothing to be worried about. Simply SWIPE your status bar to the left or right (default activation for SBSettings control panel) and this will prompt a menu.

Step 2: Find and tap on More

Step 3: Then, tap Hide icons where you’ll be able to toggle on/off any apps you want to hide or show including the Cydia app

Step 4: Congrats! You found the Cydia app! It’s that simple and a sign to play Mario!

What If I Can’t Find SB Settings?

There are two possible answers to your questions about being unable to find SBSettings:

  1. You didn’t swipe right or left in the status bar like I told you to do or,
  2. The phone doesn’t have SBSettings installed and instead, uses POOF

You know, the same thing that happened when your Cydia app was gone from the world…poof!

Jokes-aside, you might be wondering, what is poof? How does it work?

The answer to all these questions appear in the next section where I’ll also give a bonus tutorial on how to hide the Cydia app… you know, just in case you’re feeling paranoid again and decide to hide it from someone or the target user.

How to Hide the Cydia App Icon

I’m sure you’re well aware that to ACTUALLY have the Cydia app icon on your phone requires a jailbreak procedure.

Put simply, your phone needs to go through jailbreaking first before the user can download Cydia on their Apple phone.

Now that you can see Cydia on your screen or springboard, I’ll show you how to hide the app icon once again.

First Way: Hiding the Cydia Icon Through SB Settings

Step 1: To download the app, click on your Cydia icon and go to the app store. Search for the app SBSettings. Feel free to download other apps, however, its main purpose and benefit are to be able to hide/unhide any apps or icon on the main Apple phone screen.

Step 2: After downloading, open the SBSettings app icon on your screen and look for Settings then click on it

Step 3: You’ll see More. Tap More and then select Hide icons.

Step 4: You will see a list of apps/icons and from there, look for the Cydia icon and set the slider to OFF.

Note: You can also hide the SB Settings icon on your screen but once you do, remember this: THERE. IS. NO. GOING. BACK.

If you hide both the Cydia and SB Settings apps, the best and safest solution is to bring it to an Apple center and ask a specialist to locate the icon/app.

Second Way: Hiding the Cydia Icon Through POOF!

Poof is similar to SBSettings except it’s a more complex process to go through to install the app.

To hide the Cydia app from your screen or springboard, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Cydia app store and type Poof. Once you’ve downloaded it, it WON’T work just yet.

Step 2: Poof is found in the Cydia repo so for it run on your device, you’ll need a BigBoss repo app.

Step 3: Open Cydia and tap on More Package Sources.

Step 4: Look for BigBoss repo and hit “OK” on the dialog box to install it.

Step 5: Now you can install Poof!

Step 6: After the installation is done, the layout is similar to SBSettings where you’ll see sliders that allow you to hide any signs of the Cydia icon or other icons you wish.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone: Is It Necessary If I Want to Use Spy Software or Spy Apps?

Spy apps, or spy software in general are useful for users or anyone who is concerned about their child’s activities or if their child has been a victim of cyberbullying.

Although there are iPhone spy apps that can monitor and track their child’s activities without a jailbroken device, some of the features might be limited.

For example, instead of being able to monitor the target phone itself, without the jailbroken feature, the spy app can only monitor the uploaded iCloud backup.

Other spy applications like mSpy and Flexispy don’t require a jailbroken device to have access to its monitoring features, but ultimately, any spy software (including Flexispy & mSpy) WITHOUT the jailbroken feature will have less monitoring features.

So is jailbreaking the device worth it?

In a word, yes.

If you want the most out of your spy applications jailbreaking your device is the best way to be able to use and access the maximum range of features and every bit of feature the spy app offers.

The Risks of a Jailbreaking an Apple Device

A major concern/problem people and iOS users have when they jailbreak their cell phone is protecting it from hacks.

Among other things, finding hidden apps and downloading fresh new applications isn’t as appealing, right?

But with spy software installed, the best option to protecting your device is by changing your iPhone root password.

The iOS operating system or Apple’s Great Wall of Security is the reason why it’s extremely rare to find malware on an iPhone.

Once you jailbreak your iPhone, things like contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc are at risk. So, before you jailbreak your device, go with that option: change the root password.

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