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We Review the EGO Power+ 56V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

ego power plus lawn mower review

After spending a couple days using the EGO Power+ cordless electric lawn mower we were seriously impressed with both the mower itself, and the progress lithium ion technology has made in the last few years.

While the EGO+ has since been surpassed by the Greenworks Pro and the Snapper XD (read our reviews here and here)  in our battery powered mower comparison.  It's still a solid mower and places third in our electric lawn mower reviews guide for the battery powered category.  Here a just a few highlights from our testing.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • powerful enough for thicker grasses
  • VERY lightweight
  • battery lasted long enough for two mowings

Our house in the Pacific Northwest sits on a 1/3 acre lot, which according to most is the upper limit that you would want to attempt with a battery-powered mower.

While our grass is thick, it's not the same as what you might find in the Southeast U.S.  So keep that in mind with this review.

Out of the Box

EGO power+ in shipping box

We ordered our mower on a Friday and it arrived the following Wednesday.  Upon delivery the heavy cardboard package was in good shape.  The mower ships completely assembled so all that is required is unpacking it.  You will have to insert the wire support structure into the grass bag but this takes only a minute or so.

It comes with a couple keys, a mulching attachment, a side discharge attachment, and a bag, lithium-ion battery, and charger.

Switching between the bag, mulching or side discharge takes only a few seconds.  Both the mulching and discharge attachment fit into the same place on the mower.  The bag attaches in moments using couple of hooks that rest on the back frame of the mower.

Setup and Use

ego power+ 56V lithium ion battery on charger

Before using the mower you should first fully charge the battery.  Ours (the 4.0 amp/hour model) took about 30 minutes to reach a full charge.  Installing the battery is very straightforward.  Lift the green plastic hood and slide the battery into place.  Press down until you hear a click.  The power light on the top of the battery should illuminate and you're ready to roll.

Adjusting the height of the mower deck is done with a single lever on the left hand side of the mower.  It controls the height at all 4 wheels simultaneously.  The adjustment is very easy, requiring little strength since the mower is so lightweight.

Once the height is set you're pretty much ready to go.  At this point you'll want to install the key in the mower.  To start you simply press the key down while pulling up on the motor engage lever.  Within a couple seconds the mower is on and the blade is spinning.

Our EGO Power+ Review

height adjustment on the EGO power+

As mentioned previously our grass isn't as thick as some varieties in other parts of the country, but it's still relatively thick.  That said, the EGO had no difficultly cutting through even the thickest parts of the lawn.

When starting the mower it is helpful to either lift up the blade by pushing down on the handle or start it on a smooth surface like a driveway.  This allows the electric engine to quickly spool up to full speed.  As a test we started it on an un-mowed section of the lawn, it still starts just fine, but you can tell the engine struggles a bit more getting up to full speed.

Our unit was not a self-propelled model, but this mower is so light that it's hard to imagine needing that feature unless your yard has lots of hills.  Mobility is excellent.  The slightest downward pressure on the handle lifts the blades off the ground making quick turns a breeze.

In terms of noise, you'll barely even notice that it's on.  It's comparable to an idling car.​

Battery Life​

ego power plus on lawn

The specifications on the EGO Power+ 56V say that it will run for 45 minutes or so per charge.  This number is most likely somewhat dependent on the thickness of the grass you're mowing, but ours was able to cut our lawn twice without a re-charge.  This probably took right around 45 minutes.

The recharge time was as advertised: right at 30 minutes for a full charge.

Lightweight & Easy to Maneuver

Mowing around obstacles like trees is easy.  The blades will reach within a few inches of the obstacle with the mower deck gently pressed against it.  Using the side of the mower deck you can quickly circle the obstacle and very little uncut grass is left.

The deck itself is made of plastic so you're not going to want to bang it too hard against obstacles.  That said, the fact that it's a bit flexible seemed to be an advantage as bumping into things causes no damage at all. 

Grass Clipping Management

side discharge chute

We bag all of our grass clippings so we first tried the bag attachment.  It does a great job picking up grass clippings, but didn't pick up much else.  There was a bit of pine straw in the yard and pretty much all of it was left behind after going over it with the mower.

The mulching attachment works surprisingly well.  Most of the grass clippings that were left behind were small enough to not be noticeable.  This might not necessarily be the case with thicker lawns, especially those in more humid regions.

The side discharge chute attaches at the same place as the mulching attachment.  Simply press it in place and the spring loaded back flap holds it in place.​

The chute works fairly well, but don't expect to get much distance on the grass clippings.  They all basically ended up in line with the right rear wheel.  But if you're not bagging or mulching you're probably not too concerned about leaving grass clippings behind anyway.


EGO Power+ in the garage

The folks at EGO did a great job designing a mower that will take up minimal space in your garage or shed.  When you're finished using the mower simply fold it up and roll it where you want it.  It takes up almost no space at all.

Compared to a traditional lawn mower it's extremely convenient.  You can just roll it up against a wall.  There's even a handle on the front that allows you to easily maneuver the mower when it's folded up.

They recommend storing the battery in the charger rather than in the mower to ensure a full charge at all times.  All in all it takes less than a minute to unfold, pop in the battery, and attach the bag.  MUCH easier than dealing with gas, oil, spark plugs and the rest.

Final Thoughts

While the EGO Power+ 56V isn't designed for those with yards larger than 1/3 acre we were VERY pleasantly surprised with it's performance.  It's nearly silent, does a great job with bagging, and we never once had an issue with it bogging down due to the thickness of the yard.  The battery charges in no-time flat and it's lightweight enough for just about anyone to use it with little exertion.

If you've been itching to dig the gas mower, the EGO Power+ is a great place to start.  We HIGHLY recommend it.

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