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Do You Want A WhatsApp Alternative? Here Are A Few To Consider

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Facebook decided to merge Facebook Messenger, Instagram’s Private Messages, and WhatsApp into one messaging platform while the apps remain separate on your device.

This allows users to chat with each other cross-platforms offering them end-to-end encryption options and a lot more fun features.

Why the Need for a Whatsapp Alternative?

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While Whatsapp has always utilized encryption for all of it’s messages, it’s the actions of their parent company, Facebook, that has users up in arms.

The latest privacy policy update from WhatsApp informed users that their data will be shared with Facebook and its partners as well.

These changes will apply to all users even if they are not using other apps like Instagram, Messenger, or Facebook. Even though Facebook notified users about the changes, it hasn’t been very clear on what kind of data it will be collecting from users.

According to the newest update, Facebook will collect more data from users. The collected data will be the users’ registration info which includes the phone number and the name, their network and service info, their IP addresses, communication data between businesses and users, technical data about the devices you use the app on, and in-app translation data. 

This policy also informs users that Facebook might collect “other information they collect based on your consent”.

Unfortunately, if users do not consent to the changes, they have to stop using the application. Most of the users are unhappy with these changes and do not want their info to be used in big companies’ systems. Which makes sense as Facebook does not have the best reputation for protecting users’ private data and privacy.

Below are some safe platform alternatives we have so that we can let go of WhatsApp and the Facebook multi-platform altogether.

Best Whatsapp Alternatives

Here are some of the most popular Whatsapp alternatives that allow for secure messaging without the worry of your messages being mined for advertising data.


Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service that was developed by Signal Messenger LLC and the Signal Technology Foundation. People who use Signal can send each other one-to-one text or send a group text. This includes images, voice notes, files, and videos. Signal can also function as an SMS app on androids. 

When it comes to privacy, it’s quite difficult to not go with Signal instead of any other messaging app. Signal does not store your data, and besides its encryption features, Signal offers you extended onscreen privacy options. Such as blank notification pop-ups, app locks, disappearing messages, face-blurring, and anti-surveillance tools.


Telegram offers users end-to-end encrypted chat, but it also keeps the default chats stored on Telegram servers. On the bright side, you can enable the “Secret Mode” feature, which enables users to only store data on their devices and if they delete a message, it will be deleted from both the sending and the receiving devices.

This app has become quite popular among social media users over the past few years due to its distinguished features. This app is free and is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, and Windows. 


Discord started out as a gaming chat platform however, it didn’t take long to evolve to so much more than that. Discord is now considered a perfect alternative for WhatsApp and Slack. And now it’s one of the top apps competing with bigger social media platforms. 

Discord is a server-based messaging platform that offers users a private messaging option which is very much like WhatsApp. You can add your friends by their gamer tag or username and enjoy private messaging, group chats and calls, and sharing media. The best thing about Discord is that you do not need to use your real name or share any private information like your phone number. Discord is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, and Windows. 


Keybase started out as a key directory for public and private identifier keys which also offers users an end-to-end encrypted messaging option. Keybase messaging options include private messaging, team messaging, and group chats. Because Keybase uses public-key cryptography for data protection and is an open-source app, this means that messages between two users are encrypted in a way that even Keybase cannot read them. Keybase is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, and Windows. 


Threema is a Swiss-made app with servers hosted in Switzerland. This application takes security to the highest levels. To use the app you need to pay a one-time fee of $2.99 and then you can enjoy end-to-end encryption protecting your messages, video calls, and voice calls. 

The application allows users to chat anonymously without asking for any mandatory private info such as email and phone number. The application generates a random Threema ID when users first start to use the app and other users can use this ID to chat with you. 


Bridgefy is one impressive app, it has become the best friend for protestors from all over the world as this amazing application allows users to communicate offline using a mesh mode that is created by a peer-to-peer Bluetooth or WIFI network that allows you to communicate with your nearby friends. 

Bridgefy offers three messaging options, Person-to-person mode, Broadcast mode, and Mesh mode. And also uses users as nodes to send out messages to long distances. Which is a life savior at music festivals, sports events, parties, camping, and natural disasters. This app is free and available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, and Windows. 

Wickr Me 

And last but not least, and definitely the best encryption app out there, Wickr Me is used by world leaders, journalists, and big businessmen who want to keep their information safe. This app does not save your data on its servers and deletes your messages irretrievably when you decide to delete them. 

Wickr Me does not require private information to sign up such as phone numbers. Additionally, it has all the fun features included in other messaging apps like emojis and stickers. But it does not store your data, your metadata, or your contacts on its servers. The application is free to download and use. It’s also available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, and Windows, and offers users the maximum level of security and data privacy possible.

Final Thoughts 

Users want to make sure that their data, private conversations, and media are kept safe with the application they use as their main communication app.

As this app used to be WhatsApp for so many years for millions of users, this has recently changed. But it is not all bad because, on the bright side, we now can find out more about all the amazing applications out there that are just like WhatsApp and even offer better features and better privacy options and enjoy using them freely without worrying about the privacy of our data. 

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