Decipher Forensics Is Now Part of The Tool Report!

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We are excited to announce that Decipher Forensics has recently merged with The Tool Report. This relationship will allow us to better leverage our expertise in cell phone security, data recovery, and hacking protection for our customers.

Since 2011 Decipher Forensics has been an industry leader in computer and cell phone forensics, data recovery, protection, and security.

Cell Phone Security and Monitoring Tools

Cell phone monitoring, data recovery, and security is our primary focus at Decipher Forensics and we will be expanding on this area of our business through our new partnership with The Tool Report.

Our expertise in Internet forensics, social media forensics, and more. This includes Facebook monitoring, Facebook Messenger tracking, ways of seeing someone else’s Snapchat history and conversations, and even tracing a phone using just it’s number.

Our monitoring provides our customers with all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Cell Phone Spy Apps

These same tools also allow us to protect our customers from malware and other surveillance apps on Android and iOS phones. You can read more about this in our articles covering the best hidden spy apps.

Text message monitoring and recovery and GPS location history/tracking give our customers access to real-time data, enabling them to recover lost or stolen devices.

Spying on iPhones

While iPhone security is a bit more robust, they are still susceptible to tracking and surveillance. Here’s our assessment of the best spy app for Iphone and iOS devices.

Parental Control Solutions

We are also offering parental control solutions for our customers who need to ensure the safety of their children’s cell phone and devices.

We utilize tools from Famisafe, KidGuard, Guidance Software, and more. Here is a list of all of our favorite apps.

Cell Phone Data Recovery

Do you need affordable cell phone data recovery?

We offer an in-house clean room and all of the latest in software and hardware. Decipher Forensics can diagnose and perform your data recovery, including recovering Snapchat images, iPhone forensics, and more.

Computer Security and Data Recovery

Are you in need of computer forensics?

We have developed software that allows us to recover data under even the most difficult of circumstances. This allows us faster turn around times than any other comparable product.

Protecting Your Data and Network

Has your organization been breached? Our goal at Decipher Forensics is to work with our clients to craft a Readiness Assessment Plan.

Then in the event of a breach, run the incident from start to finish. We will help you prepare for the incident, investigate and identify the threat, contain the threat, eradicate the threat.

Our goal is to help you recover as much as possible and go through an entire incident review to help you through the lessons learned.