We Review the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Log Splitter

wood pile cut with boss electric wood splitter

The fall season means it's time for football, cooler weather, and preparing for the cold months of winter.  For many homeowners this means cutting wood.  While some might enjoy the manual labor involved in using an ax, gas and electric splitters can dramatically increase your speed while reducing the physical toll on your body.

The ES7T20 from Boss Industrial

We recently showcased one of our favorite gas powered wood splitters, and thought it was time to showcase an electric model as well.

While electric splitters don't offer the convenience of splitting wood anywhere (unless you have a beefy generator) they are generally cleaner and quieter to run.

When searching for a lightweight log splitter powerful enough to handle your home’s firewood needs, take a look at the Boss Industrial ES7T20 electric splitter.

This product goes above and beyond compared to its competitors. Here are some of its highlights.

To see more of our favorites check out our best log splitter comparison.  Here we dig into both gas and electric models as well as kinetic splitters.

Why is It Our Favorite Electric Model?

Saves you time - the 2 horse-power motor cuts through logs with 7 tons of force, meaning you should be able to split each one on the first try. 

Less work - the automatic ram return cuts down on the amount of manual labor required. Save your strength for stacking your woodpiles.

Cleaner operation - an electric motor means no noxious gas emissions for easier breathing. This saves your lungs and even makes it possible to split wood inside during inclement weather.

Key Specifications

Motor Type

2 HP electronic push button

Split Force

7 tons

Ram Return



Indoor / outdoor


Built-in side rails


One-handed operation


3,500 psi hydraulic pressure


Front handle pull and high-density rubber wheels

One-handed operation - makes it simple for almost anyone to use.  A few minutes reading the manual and you'll be splitting wood in no time.

Solid action - built-in side rails keep logs steady so you can focus on power and safety.

Important Information about the ES7T20

Boss Industrial ramps up their previous models with the EES7T20 electric log splitter. It offers more force with the same convenient and portable design while keeping usage emission free. This unit is durable enough to last for many years and easy enough for most people to use.

Want to know what this unit is capable of? Find out the answers to your questions below.

What is the cycle time?

The cycle time on the ES7T20 electric log splitter is a quick 14 seconds. Get your next log ready to go and you’ll have your job completed much more quickly than if you were doing it manually.

What is the max log diameter?

This log splitter will cut logs up to 12 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches in length with no problems meaning less time spent on logs that don’t split right the first time. It creates split wood with perfect sizing for fireplaces and wood stoves.

Is it easy to assemble?

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 comes fully assembled and ready to use. Save time by buying this log splitter that you can just unpack and put to work immediately.

Will it split horizontally and vertically?

This is a horizontal only unit, but it handles its job beautifully. Cut through tough logs with ease and get ready for winter. Fireplace season has never been this simple.

What is the wedge made from?

The wedge on this electric log splitter is a 5-inch steel unit that can easily be re-sharpened for many more years of use. It’s strong enough to split 12-inch diameter logs, and the log splitter has a 2-year consumer warranty to cover any problems.

What type of power outlet does it require?

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter can be run on a simple 3-prong household outlet. It’s ready for use in your garage, basement or barn on a regular 120V current.

Pros and Cons

This Boss Industrial electric log splitter cannot be towed, but at 128 pounds and 37 inches, it is lightweight and small enough to be pulled by its front handle to wherever you plan on splitting wood.

Because it’s an electric motor, you can breathe easy. It can be used indoors without worrying about gas fumes and harmful emissions, so feel free to set it up in your basement or garage on rainy days.

While not heat-treated, the splitting wedge is made of durable steel that can be sharpened as needed.

You can also purchase the 4-way splitter allowing you to efficiently handle larger diameter logs.​

The splitter has ram auto return to make your job easier, and the 3,500 psi pressure hydraulic pump comes with oil include for one less thing you have to buy.

For everyday home fireplace and wood stove use, an electric splitter has enough power to keep you stocked in wood. However, if you plan on using it for commercial use, you’ll want to look into something stronger.

This splitter can handle logs up to 20.5 inches long and 12 inches thick, making formerly backbreaking work incredibly simple.

The built-in side rails will keep your logs steady and stabilized, so there are no mishaps while working and the fact that the system is run with one-hand makes it convenient for almost anyone to use.

If you’re looking for a log splitter that can handle tough jobs and be used indoors, the Boss Industrial ES7T20 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter is an excellent choice.

Final Thoughts

While electric models won't keep up with the power and speed of gas powered models, the Boss ES7T20 can still reduce your cutting time by more than half.  It offers great torque, a solid frame that keeps logs from jumping around, and is VERY reasonably priced.  It's hands down our favorite electric log splitter.




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