Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps of 2021

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Do you need a way to monitor Facebook Messenger on someone else’s phone?

In this post I’ll reveal my favorite Facebook Messenger spy app as well as a handful of other top apps.

From text messages to Facebook messenger and chat messages, these people’s private data and information should be out of our bounds.

That’s why these things require a strong password.

But as much as we deny it, perpetrators and cyberbullies can easily take advantage of the vulnerabilities of both the Facebook app and your child or a loved one. And that’s a scary thought.

Parents, you’d be glad to know that using a Facebook messenger spy app is now possible and easy. So if you have your suspicions, if your children are acting strange, a few clicks on their cell phone can help save them from imminent dangers.

Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

All of the Facebook spy apps listed below will work on both an iPhone or Android phone.

But for the sake of highlighting the top 3 Facebook spy apps that have proven to perform well and have helped many parents resolve their children’s problems accurately, we’ve picked out 3 winners among the rest.

  • Best Overall: uMobix
  • Best Budget: mSpy
  • CocoSpy
  • XNSpy
  • Hoverwatch
  • GuestSpy

Let’s dig deeper into these Facebook spy apps, shall we?

Of course, the best Facebook messenger spy application for you will be the one that fits your situation best.

It depends on how accessible the target phone is to you and how you can successfully integrate these apps into the social network accounts of your child’s phone or tablet.

#1. uMobix

uMobix is the best spy app for Facebook Messenger and my pick for the top performing spy app overall.

The uMobix Facebook spy feature allows you to view the target phone’s Facebook account as though it were your own. This includes both Messenger and their posts, groups, etc.

The uMobix app will work with both iPhones and Androids.

The iPhone version requires no physical access to the user’s phone. All you will need is their Apple ID and password. This will allow uMobix to pull all of the target phone’s data from their iCloud backups.

All Android spying apps require physical access to the target device. uMobix is no exception. You will need a couple minutes of access to the phone along with the users passcode to unlock it.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that uMobix has:

  • Tracks call history of user
  • Read Facebook text messages
  • Monitor their social networks (i.e., Facebook Account, Instagram, Snapchat (Android only), etc.)
  • Track their location
  • Remote control access of target device
  • LIVE Telephone support when you have questions (no other app offers this!!)
  • See deleted text messages
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  • Parent-friendly
  • It gives all-around access to the phone
  • Undetectable (stealth mode)
  • iOS and Android compatible


  • On the pricier side
  • iOS features are not as elaborate as that of Android
  • no access to voice messages (only FlexiSPY offers this feature)

My Overall Opinion of uMobix

There’s a good reason why uMobix is my top pick.

The spy app industry is full of shady companies. They’re products are often flaky, and their support is non-existent.

The uMobix spying app offers the most features without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. Their live telephone support can quickly help you with any technical issues. And they have the best refund policy in the industry.

You can see the names of who your child is talking to; the messages exchanged with friends, and even the deleted information and media files.

We also like it’s beyond a spy feature; it provides remote control access that gives you the upper hand regarding inappropriate content or suspicious people.

The uMobix software is largely compatible with many social media platforms (see examples below), even those with known strict policies – which makes it the convenient and practical choice despite having to pay for a slightly higher price.

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SPYIC brings home the best overall title because of its over 35 spying features for a reasonable subscription price.


Here are some of the basic features that SPYIC has:

  • Message monitoring
  • Tracking GPS locations
  • Access to phone content (contacts, calls, WhatsApp, browser history, etc.)
  • Stealth mode (discreet)


The benefits of SPYIC that grabbed our attention are:

  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Compatible with iOS devices (no need for jailbreak)
  • It has an easy but intuitive app interface
  • Affordable subscription pricing


But then, we wish SPYIC can improve on these things:

  • Not 100% iOS compatible

My Overall Opinion on SPYIC

All in all, we think that SPYIC is your one-stop app if you’re looking for a tracker app in general and not only limited to the Facebook messenger chat.

The pricing is reasonable since there are really no good Facebook messenger spy apps that are 100% free.

The only downside is that Android can welcome more features than iOS devices, such as the keylogger feature. Because Apple’s privacy policies are a lot stricter than that of Android, installing spy software isn’t exactly encouraged.

If your kids are using iOS phones, you may need more of their cooperation before successfully activating the SPYIC app on their devices.

Best Budget: mSpy (~$8.33/month for 12 months)

The price is definitely a solid deal. One might think that it could mean fewer features, but mSpy delivers just as well!

They position their prices differently, so it’s best if you check it out for yourself here.


Here are some of the basic features that mSpy has:

  • Tracks phone calls
  • Monitors Facebook and text messages or SMS
  • Helps track GPS location
  • Shows browser history, audio and multimedia files, and photos
  • Highly compatible with Facebook messenger

PROS That Stood Out

The benefits of mSpy that grabbed our attention are:

  • Consistent and smooth interface
  • It’s easy to use
  • Compatible for both Android and iOS devices
  • No installation is required for iOS (only account details) if you only wish to use it as a mobile tracker.
  • Good customer support

CONS To Look Out For

But then, we wish mSpy can improve on these things:

  • Jailbreak is needed for iOS devices if it’s to be used as a Facebook spy app

Our Overall Opinion on mSpy

We love how mSpy can access multiple social media platforms that kids often use, such as Facebook Messenger chats, Snapchat, and such.

Like SPYIC, it can become a tracker for your target phone in general or as a spy app for Facebook messages and messenger. Either way, users have testified that it works smoothly and consistently.

But most of all, we appreciate their good customer support. For parents who are not as techy but need to monitor their child, you can rely on the tech support that mSpy can provide!

CocoSpy (~$9.99/month for a year)

Though not on the top 3 list, CocoSpy is also a reputable Facebook messenger spy app (or spy app in general, for that matter).


Here are some of the basic features that CocoSpy has:

  • Tracks phone calls and location
  • Track SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram
  • Geofence alert
  • Track Facebook messages
  • Stealth mode
  • Track website and history
  • Track SIM Location

PROS That Stood Out

The benefits of CocoSpy that grabbed our attention are:

  • No jailbreak or rooting is needed (for both Android and iOS)
  • Good customer support
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Affordable

CONS to Look Out For

But then, we wish CocoSpy can improve on these things:

  • iOS features are not as elaborate

Our Overall Opinion on CocoSpy

Like mSpy, CocoSpy provides similar features, more or less. It also positions itself as a spy app for parents and guardians.

One main difference, however, is the compatibility of social media platforms. This is an important spy feature to have since who knows what apps your target users are on. CocoSpy has less.

But generally, if you’re looking for a Facebook spying app that’s more affordable and delivers the same purpose, CocoSpy is already a good software choice.

XNSpy (~$7.49/month billed annually)

Shifting away from guardians-children, the XNSpy specialized in more “professional” spying.

This is more often used in workplaces and more serious settings where the target users are monitored with greater responsibilities at stake.


Here are some of the basic features that XNSpy has:

  • Social account or app screen recording
  • Can record calls and the surroundings of the target phone
  • Compatible with 12 social media apps – not just Facebook!
  • Watch list locations, people, and words
  • Monitor calls, email, & photos

PROS That Stood Out

The benefits of XNSpy that grabbed our attention are:

  • Keylogger feature and email tracking (not all spy apps have this)
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Provides analytics of the phone or target device
  • Real-time alerts for more accurate data tracking
  • You can remotely control a user’s phone

CONS to Look Out For

But then, we wish XNSpy can improve on these things:

  • Rooting is required (like jailbreak, but for Android)

Our Overall Opinion on XNSpy

All in all, we like how this software is not just a spying app but also an accountability tracking device at the same time.

It also has a new screen recording feature, which is already MORE ADVANCED than any spy apps out there.

According to their positioning, businesses use this to monitor the people and employees working with them. This helps with productivity and accountability among professional communities.

Hoverwatch (~$9.99/month, for 5 devices!)

The first-ever spy app on this list that is capable of handling 5 devices without being over-the-top expensive! We’re excited about Hoverwatch.


Here are some of the basic features that Hoverwatch has:

  • Stealth mode
  • Record logs
  • Phone internet history
  • Track Facebook messages and chats
  • Track SMS
  • Android screenshots
  • Track camera and to-do list

PROS That Stood Out

The benefits of Hoverwatch that grabbed our attention are:

  • iOS and Android compatible
  • More than 1 target device
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer service
  • Keylogger for iOS Mac

CONS to Look Out For

But then, we wish Hoverwatch can improve on these things:

  • Less social media platform compatibility
  • Not the best choice professional use

Our Overall Opinion on Hoverwatch

We appreciate that the Hoverwatch software has features that other messenger spy apps don’t have – examples are the keyloggers for iOS, more than one device per spy app account, and the screen recording.

And you’d think that for Facebook messenger spy apps, the price will be high. But nope! It’s still affordable for all the features you’re getting.

GuestSpy (FREE!)

And last but not least, if you don’t want to pay to spy on Facebook messenger, GuestSpy offers their messenger spy apps for free.


Here are some of the basic features that GuestSpy has:

  • Spy on Facebook messages
  • Free call spy
  • Free GPS tracking
  • Spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc.
  • Live Voice Recording

PROS That Stood Out

The benefits of GuestSpy that grabbed our attention are:

  • FREE! What else can we say?
  • Android compatible

CONS to Look Out For

But then, we wish GuestSpy can improve on these things:

  • Not iOS compatible
  • It lacks a lot of features

Our Overall Opinion on GuestSpy

If you need to track Facebook messages of a user but are not willing to pay subscription prices, it’s understandable.

GuestSpy can be a reliable Facebook spy app that delivers the purpose without adding to your everyday costs.

But of course, don’t expect the experience to be as premium as the paid Facebook messenger spy apps such as SPYIC, mSpy, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

After getting a glimpse of the best Facebook messenger chat apps in the market, let’s address some FAQs.

Is It Legal to Have a Facebook Spy App?

As long as the owner of the target device or tracked phone is yours – or if not, the person you’re tracing should know the app’s existence – then yes, it’s perfectly fine.

Admittedly, many controversies surround Facebook spy apps because some people use the app for malicious purposes.

If you’re tempted to do so, always remember that a person’s phone, chats, messages, and account are their private data. And yes, regardless if that person inputs a password or not.

If your ill-intent without consent is caught, it’s a reasonable ground for imprisonment.

Can SPYIC Spy on Facebook Messenger? Does SPYIC Have A Fee?


Though SPYIC is generally a phone tracking app, it’s designed to be compatible with social apps, including Facebook Messenger.

From there, you can easily spy on Facebook messages of the target device and even access their media files.

And for the second question – yes, SPYIC does charge users for the premium account versions. You can use the SPYIC app for free but with minimal features.

Are These Apps Exclusively for Facebook Messenger?

The answer is no.

As you can see in the reviews, there are many features and data you can access through these Facebook app platforms.

To make it easier to understand, their original target is the data of the actual phone or target device – the call logs, messages, location, and such.

With Facebook being an app of the device, the spy app is now capable of accessing Facebook messages.

Why Are the Android Features More Elaborate Than That of IOS?

If you’re a person who uses Apple or has been following Apple around, you know how much they value the privacy and security of their users.

And this isn’t to say that Android doesn’t care, but Apple is definitely a lot stricter with their app authentications, phone verifications, and the likes.

For this reason, a Facebook spy application – or any spying app in general – can have a harder time penetrating the messages and data of Apple devices. But it’s not entirely impossible.

If you really need to get into the phone of a non-Android user, you’d be glad to know that many of these apps are becoming more compatible with Apple.

Are All of These Apps Compatible With Android? Can They All Track Messages?

Yes, and yes!

For the first question – yes, of the apps on this list. From SPYIC down to GuestSpy, they are all Android compatible.

There’s aren’t usually any problems when it comes to Android compatibility.

For the second question, also a big yes. In fact, the easiest thing to track in a phone are the messages of a user or target device – be it text or Facebook messages since the encryption is not that complicated.

Is It Acceptable for a Parent/Guardian to Install a Facebook Spy App Without the Kids Knowing?

Have you seen the Black Mirror episode, Arkangel?

Just kidding!

Well, since Facebook spy apps are not illegal per se, it’s technically not wrong to install an app if your reasoning is to protect your kid from unwanted perpetrators.

Since we’ve entered the tech era, your kid is probably glued to his/her phone, and it worries you.

Young ones also have social accounts nowadays. This early exposure to Facebook messenger, Facebook messages, and strangers online can endanger them once they meet just one bad person.

Being cyberbullied by their so-called “friends” is also rampant, and it can change their behaviors drastically.

These things are reasonable, and a Facebook spy app is not the most diabolical thing – just don’t overdo it (like the mom in Arkangel).

Can You Get Into Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without Them Knowing?

An app usually has stealth mode (i.e., SPYIC and uMobix have this mode), which allows you to get into their Facebook messenger without them knowing. As they describe it, you can be as discreet as possible.

And yes, this is applicable whether if the user is using Android or not.

But to do this, you also need to have ample information on the users’ Facebook messenger information such as username, password, etc. Or you can sneakily do it – which we don’t encourage.

This is more applicable for a parent who owns the device, and your kid uses the Facebook app from time to time.

You can monitor what the user does on the Facebook app, what Facebook messages they exchange, and who they interact with.

Do Facebook Spy Applications Really Work on Android?

Yes, and not just on Android!

Many of these applications have demo samples on their websites, which shows you a good glimpse of how you can spy on Facebook messenger, how you can see messages, and how you can access the phone in general.

You’re not paying a monthly fee for no reason.


We hope we helped you find the best app to spy on Facebook Messenger and that it helps you address urgent situations.

But as we’ve repeatedly mentioned throughout this article, Facebook accounts, Facebook messages, phone data, call logs, photos, and all of those things are the private information of a person.

Please only use these Facebook spy applications for emergency purposes and think that someone is in imminent danger.

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