8 Benefits of Zero Turn Lawnmowers

You've seen plenty of landscaping crews using them, but what are some of the benefits of using a zero turn lawnmower versus a more conventional riding model?  Here are eight reasons the pro's prefer the zero turns.

Before we jump into all the benefits of these mowers, lets quickly layout exactly what we mean by "zero turn".  Zero turn mowers typically have an engine on each of the rear wheels.  They operate independently of one another using two levers.  One can go backwards while the other goes forwards.  This functionality is what gives these mowers their zero turn radius, and their name.

It allows them to quickly and easily maneuver in tight spaces as well as the agility to avoid obstacles that would be an impedance to more traditional mowers.  With that in mind, here are 10 big reasons why you should consider one for your yard.

1. Highly Maneuverable​

The independent motors at each of the wheels offer the operator maximum maneuverability.  Independent wheel control means you can left, right, forwards, and backwards simply by pushing and pulling on the control levers.

This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to mow in smaller spaces or yards with lots of obstacles.

2. Shorter Mowing Time

A zero turn mower can literally cut your mowing time in half. Of course this will vary depending on the yard as well as the skill of the operator.  But once you've mastered the operation, you'll be able to quickly navigate around trees, islands, and houses.  Most people get the hang of it within a couple mows, and from then on it's smooth sailing.

For commercial operations a zero turn model is a no-brainer.  The time saved mowing will literally allow you to double your work output.  In fact it's so important that we even included it in how to start a landscaping business guide.​

3. Lower Fuel Costs

If it takes less time to mow your lawn you're going to use less gas.  While most zero turn models don't necessarily get better MPG, more efficient mowing equals lower fuel costs.

If you really want to lower your fuel costs you can go with a battery operated lawn mower.  They are more expensive, but eliminate the need for gas and oil.​  Check out our review of the best model out there (https://www.thetoolreport.com/ego-lawn-mower-review/)

4. Less Wear and Tear

In the same vein as fuel consumption the reduced time it takes to mow also translates to less wear and tear on your mower.  This includes the tires, engine, and everything else.

5. Cleaner Cuts

Because nearly all zero turn models have a higher blade speed than their conventional brethren you'll get clean cuts under almost any circumstance.  While this is important for homeowners, it is even more crucial for commercial landscapers, as they want to offer their customers the absolute best.

6. Superior Mulching Capability

The higher blade speed also has the added benefit of offering more efficient mulching of leaves and grass clippings.  You should see a significant improvement versus a standard riding mower.

7. Less Trimming and Weed Eating

Because of their enhanced maneuverability offered by a zero turn radius lawnmower you'll be able to reach the very edge of your lawn with the blades.  This means you'll spend a lot less time going back with a weed eater to get the spots your other mower might've missed. 

This is big time saver for both homeowners and commercial lawn care services.  In some cases it can save you up to 40%!

8.  Very Reasonably Priced

While commercial models can get very expensive, you can generally find ZT models from Husqvarna, Poulan and others at prices that are comparable to conventional models.  They not have all the bells and whistles that commercial models offer, but for most homeowners they will be more than enough.

Interested in learning who makes the best models?  Check out our best zero turn lawn mower competition to see who took the top spot.

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