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hypertherm powermax 30 xp

We Review Hypertherm’s Powermax 30 XP Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm is known for making incredible products.  We’ve covered both the Powermax 45 and the Powermax 65 in previous reviews.Now we’re going to take a look at the Powermax 30 XP.  Billed as a more portable unit it offers the same durability and reliability as it’s bigger brothers, but in a more compact package.  Here […]

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hypertherm powermax 65 reviewed

We Review the Hypertherm Powermax 65

In a previous article we reviewed the Powermax 45 from Hypertherm.  Now we’re going to take a look at it’s big brother; the Powermax 65.  As the name implies the Powermax 65 has a max output of 65A.  This is a 44% increase over the Powermax 45.  It’s rated to cut 1″ steel at 10 […]

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Longevity Forcecut 62i Review: A Beast of a Plasma Cutter

While newer to the scene than many of the more established players in the world of welding and plasma cutting, Longevity is making a name for itself by bringing a consistent stream of innovative technologies and products to market.The Forcecut 62i plasma cutter is certainly no exception to this trend.  One of the first things […]

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We Review the Best Cheap Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters are a very handy tool to have around your garage or shop. But if you’re not using them all the time the investment can be a bit steep. But there’s good news. In the last couple years a few manufacturers have brought some high-quality and cheap plasma cutters to the market. Let’s take […]

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best plasma cutter with built in air compressor

We Review the Best Plasma Cutters With Built In Air Compressors

For the ultimate in portability a plasma cutter needs an on board air compressor.  In many cases this requires a sacrifice of performance.  But the manages to offer both a highly portable, lightweight design, in addition to performance that nearly matches models requiring an external air compressor. With a max cutting thickness of 3/8″ and […]

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Our Lotos LTP5000D Inverter Plasma Cutter Review

OverviewThe LTP5000D Air Inverter plasma cutter from Lotos is one of the most surprising units we’ve tested to date. Given it’s diminutive size it actually has an impressive amount of power. And when you consider it is also one of the cheapest models on the market, you’ve got quite a combination.While it didn’t place in […]

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We Review the Hypertherm Powermax 45 Plasma Cutter

The Powermax 45 from Hypertherm is undoubtedly one the best plasma cutters on the market today.  It has several key advantages over many of its competitors.  Here are just a few of the highlights of this unit: Lightweight – weighs in at just 37 pounds Capable of cutting up to 1/2″ steel at 20IPM (inches […]

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