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how to winterize your zero turn lawn mower

How to Properly Winterize Your Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The leaves are changing and starting to drop, signaling the end of the mowing season.  While you might have a few more tasks in store for your lawn mower (like picking up all those leaves), it’s time to start thinking about preparing it for storage over the winter.  In this article we’re going to discuss […]

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splitting logs with an ax is hard work

We Review the Top Selling Gas Powered & Electric Log Splitters of 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard a story like this before.Last year a neighbor of mine finally gave up on splitting wood the old fashioned way.  He decided to drop $600 on an electric log splitter.  He was so excited to try it.  But once he got it hooked up and running he found it didn’t have […]

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stack of wood cut with Boss electric splitter

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter Review

The fall season means it’s time for football, cooler weather, and preparing for the cold months of winter.  For many homeowners this means cutting wood.  While some might enjoy the manual labor involved in using an ax, gas and electric splitters can dramatically increase your speed while reducing the physical toll on your body.The ES7T20 […]

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Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825 review

We Review Southland’s Outdoor Power Equipment’s Beast of a Gas Log Splitter

As fall rolls around it’s time to start thinking about stockpiling wood for the winter.  Unless you happen to enjoy the physical exercise of splitting logs, there’s no better way of accomplishing this than with a gas-powered log splitter.  They’re powerful, fast, and offer some unique time-saving features.If you’re looking for a heavy duty, gas […]

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ego power plus lawn mower review

We Review the EGO Power+ 56V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

After spending a couple days using the EGO Power+ cordless electric lawn mower we were seriously impressed with both the mower itself, and the progress lithium ion technology has made in the last few years.This unit ended up coming in first place in our best electric lawn mower guide for the battery powered category.  Here […]

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EGO 20 inch 56-Volt lithium ion powered mower

Best Battery Powered & Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Are you looking for a quieter more eco friendly way to mow your lawn?  Or perhaps you’re tired of dealing with the maintenance, fuel, and oil required by a gas-powered mower.Whatever your particular situation, there are electric options out there that offer less noise, less maintenance, lower cost of ownership, and are for the most […]

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zero turn radius lawn mowers

We Review the Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Your Yard

Imagine the ability to mow your lawn in roughly half the time it takes you now.You effortlessly breeze around islands, trees, bushes and other obstacles.  Friends and neighbors stop to stare at your perfectly straight mow lines.  With more than a hint of envy they ask themselves “Surely they’ve hired a professional?”But right now that […]

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landscaper seo services

SEO Tips: How to Market Your Lawn Care & Landscaping Business

​Making sure you have a steady stream of new clients is crucial to any business, and landscapers are no exception.  You can have all the right equipment (trucks, commercial zero turn mowers, etc), a great crew, and solid management, but without new sales, growth is difficult.In our post about starting a business we touched on […]

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Determining How Much to Charge for Landscaping Services

When it comes to determining pricing for your landscaping services you should be prepared to do a bit of homework.  Starting a landscaping business isn’t as simple as buying all the equipment.  Sure commercial zero turn radius lawn mowers are sexy, but there are several variables other than your enjoyment of the work you should […]

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8 Benefits of Zero Turn Lawnmowers

You’ve seen plenty of landscaping crews using them, but what are some of the benefits of using a zero turn lawnmower versus a more conventional riding model?  Here are eight reasons the pro’s prefer the zero turns.Before we jump into all the benefits of these mowers, lets quickly layout exactly what we mean by “zero […]

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